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Hot girls in London and Prague don't pay enough attention before jumping into the Fake Taxi. They think they're on their way to a friend's flat or the bus station, but really they are being driven off to some place quiet where the Cabby can offer them a lot of money to suck his cock and have sex with him while he films it. They have hidden cams and hand held cams to record the action and besides having great sex the scenes are good for a lot of laughs as well. This is a really unique site with great content, but at the time of my visit the library is still quite small.

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Very Good

Points/USD: 3.05

Entertainment: 31/35   Entertaining and high quality sex in the back of cabs with amateur babes.
Technical content: 20/25   HD Downloads but they use hidden cameras for a lot of the video, so quality isn't as great as a studio-produced site.
Usability: 12/15   Simple members area but they have a few download and streaming options.
Updates: 12/25   Looks to update weekly at the moment.
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Concept and Introduction

Get ready for the hottest cab ride of your life. Fake Taxi is an entertaining twist of a cab confessions show, where hot girls get talked or bribed into having hardcore sex in the back of a random guy's cab.


Porn Talk

It is generally good practice to check out a cab a bit before you jump in - look for the guy's license and registration number at least - and if there seems to be something off about the cab just wait for the next one. But these girls are in a hurry or too distracted with their iPhones to pay much mind. They jump in, give the address, and get back to texting.

After a few minutes they realize they don't recognize the streets they are on, and the cab driver's cheeky responses aren't amusing them. Some girls start to get pretty pissed - these ones end up almost fighting the cabby, who then tells the girls that they need to suck his cock if they don't want to go to jail for trying to skip his fare. Other scenes take another tact, with the cab driver an affable guy and a charmer, who talks to the girls and flirts with them subtly, until coming around and offering them a lot of money to have sex with him or just to choke themselves on his cock (though he bangs those girls, too, in the end).

There's a lot of entertainment in the build up here. The girls, especially in the London cab movies, can get really feisty and the London cabby is a real son of a bitch who is hilarious. The fun always ends with some really great hardcore action, POV blow jobs, and hardcore fucking outdoors over the hood of the car or laid out in the back seat. There's always a nice messy cum shot or creampie to wrap things up as well.

There are cabs in London and in Prague, the latter have English subtitles and that cabbie tends to be smoother where the London chap is more of a prick (and also much funnier) in getting his way with his hot fares.


Tech Talk

The videos use a combination of hidden cameras and another hand held camera. The latter gives a higher quality image but it isn't always the main one used to film the action, depending on how things developed with the babe in the back. All movies can be saved in 1080p HD QuickTime downloads that open to 1920x1080 pixel screens and have a fantastic playback. You can also grab a 720p HD alternative (a slightly smaller download) in QuickTime or Windows Media files that look great as well.

Each scene can be streamed instantly in the members area as well. The Flash video won't look as good as those HD downloads but they still look very good, and the convenience of being able to just click play and enjoy shouldn't be underestimated either.

Movies didn't come with any picture galleries but this was to be expected, given how the scenes are put together and filmed live in the moment, half the footage by hidden cameras in the cab.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

Fake Taxi is a simple site. It's a straightforward idea and the site sticks to following it, with just a bit of leeway and variety that usually comes as a result of the cab driver's personality. The footage is super convincing as well, and most scenes feel that they could be 100% authentic pickups of random girls willing to say yes to sex with a random cab driver. One or two scenes didn't ring quite as true - the beautiful babe in the back seat seems to easily convinced to bang some random cab driver when she looks very posh and proper. On the whole though, the illusion is maintained and it's fun to get lost in the action.

The site itself has gone under some changes. And not just the design, which is much better and easier to browse. Included in the members area are hundreds of HD scenes from Fake Hub network sites like Female Agent, Fake Agent, Public Agent and other similar sites.

And yes you get full access to all those network sites and their porn streams, downloads and updates. That's because Fake Taxi joined the brand new Fake Hub network along with all the other similarly themed sites. Before it used to cost just as much to join any ONE of these sites as it now costs to join ALL of them, either through Fake Taxi or directly at Fake Hub itself. It's an awesome deal.



PricePeriodRebillsAdditional Info
USD 24.95 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every period
USD 59.95 3 months / 90 daysRebills after every period
USD 109.95 6 months / 180 daysNON recurring
Payment Processors:
TrustCharge, CCBill, Epoch


Fake Taxi does a fantastic job with their reality porn episodes. The combination of hidden cams and a hand held camera, the cheeky personality of the cab drivers, and the girls who know how to play along all make for some great porn. The library isn't that large yet but with updates being made it will get bigger, and entertainment value of each episode is much higher than on other sites in the niche. I think you should at the least give a visit to the site and check out its preview movie, which makes a very convincing argument to sign up.

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