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18 Years Old is a good site when they actually use barely legal models. They fall short when they try to pass the 30 year olds off as teenagers. The content is pretty good and their updates are weekly. Their navigation and video quality needs a lot of improvement, though.

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Points/USD: 2.53

Entertainment: 28/35   Pretty good when you can find the 18 year olds.
Technical content: 12/25   Pictures and videos are good; I wish the videos were in a bigger screen size.
Usability: 7/15   Navigation needs a lot of work; far too many ads for other sites.
Updates: 15/25   Regular weekly updates that include sizable photo galleries and videos. Part of Porn Pros Network with daily updates.
Date: 2009-05-20
Written by: Tamesin

18-23, Hardcore, Reality, Pornstar, Mega-Sites, Videos

barely legal, cock sucking, cunnilingus, Porn Pros Network
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Concept and Introduction

18 Years Old features cute and sexy 18 year olds showing off their nubile bodies and just how kinky a barely legal can get. A quick perusal of the tour page and you'll see several fresh faces, with a few well known porn stars thrown into the mix.


Porn Talk

The theme of 18 Years Old is that "19 years old is way too fucking old!" For the most part, that theme runs through their choice of the barely legals featured here. Unfortunately, there are several supposed 18 year olds who are well known porn stars and who don't look the least bit 18 - not even if you're drunk. No matter if their hair is in pigtails, they're giggly, and/or they suck on a lollipop, no one can escape the fact that they look 30 years old.

Fortunately, the majority of models do look barely legal and certainly act (naturally) that way. Their giggles aren't forced, and they have that sexy shyness that teens have. I have to admit to being amazed at how good at cock sucking these barely legals are. I guess we know what today's youth does after school!


Tech Talk

There are almost 150 episodes (updated once a week), dating back to May, 2006. You can stream the movies in Flash/FLV in several clips, or you can download the movie in MPG in clips or the full movie in WMV/MPG. The movie opens in a 464x336 (around 1.39 Mbps for clips) or 512x288 (around 1.20 Mbps for the full movie) sized screen. The clips are several minutes long, or you can also view in one minute clips in WMV for broadband and dialup. The full movies are around 30 minutes long. The quality of the content is okay, although the quite small screen size desperately needs to be upgraded. This is simply too small. The hardcore close ups don't get blurry, despite a lot of fast bumping and grinding.

Each episode has photo galleries and screencaps. The posed pictures open to between 850x567 to 850x638 and generally number over 300 photos. They're usually good quality, although there's some blurriness in a few of the pictures I saw. The screencaps open to 850x478, and there are around 100 of them in each set. All photos are zip downloadable.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

The first thing you'll wonder when you enter is where to find the content for 18 Years Old. So much of the other bonus sites are plastered all over the home page that I'm not sure where to start. Just click on "All Our Sites," although you'll have to go through advertisements for other sites. In order to find the archives, you have to do a lot of scrolling. (The layout definitely needs improvement). There are three pages of updates, and when you click on the second and third page, you have to scroll through the latest 12 updates and the ads again, just as you did before.

Once you can actually watch the videos, they're pretty good. The teens are fucked really hard. Some of them are all hot and sweaty, with their hair matted, towards the end of the videos. They're screwed in all sorts of acrobatic positions, and there's a lot of cock sucking and a fair amount of cunnilingus.



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USD 59.37 3 months / 90 daysRebills after every period
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18 Years Old is a decent site, although the navigation and video quality needs a lot of work. There's too many ads for other paysites, and they don't make it easy to find the archives. The weekly episodes are pretty good, with videos around the 30 minute range and large amount of photos (of around 300 to 400 total, posed and screencap pictures). The majority of the women in this site look barely legal, although there are a few that look closer to 30 years old.

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