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Our review of Innocent High determined that the site certainly adheres to its promise. The innocent looking women appear as if they are eighteen and still in high school. The hardcore is quite arousing, especially for fans of the teen niche. It also discovered that the technical options available are extremely nice, much like the streamlined layout.

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Points/USD: 2.81

Entertainment: 28/35   Sexy teens in hardcore school themed content.
Technical content: 17/25   Good pictures; high-def for the newest videos. Lower quality for older videos.
Usability: 12/15   Zip packed pictures; streamlined layout; detailed content information.
Updates: 12/25   One girl a week.
Date: 2009-11-27
Written by: Graham Stroker

18-23, Reality, Pornstar, Hardcore, Mega-Sites, High-definition, Videos

high school, pig tails, school, school uniforms
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Concept and Introduction

The premise behind Innocent High are women who are eighteen or nineteen and allegedly in their senior year of high school. They are made to look cute and, well...innocent. The action is predominately heterosexual hardcore, with some examples of girl-girl-guy threesomes. Most content is filmed inside areas that look like those found in a high school.


Porn Talk

Innocent looking women doing not-so-innocent activities seems to be an arousing concept for many surfers. That is why the Team Skeet network created Like the other sites put out by the network, Innocent High definitely sticks to its promise.

All of the women appear to be eighteen or nineteen. Some look older, but it's amazing how makeup can affect apparent age. Regardless, they are mostly very attractive. Their young bodies will be sure to delight surfers as much as the heterosexual hardcore.

The following examples are given to illustrate the content. "Mallory's Day Off" starring Mallory Rae went from pussy licking to hot sex on the couch, which turned into hot sex on the floor punctuated by cock sucking, and ended with a load of cum on her ass. The not-so-innocent looking Madison Ivy, after getting caught defacing school property according to the storyline behind "School For Sale", screws and sucks the coach until he ejaculates on her face and breasts. "Three's Come-In Me", one of the website's threesomes, happens in a locker room and stars Lana and Jennifer. The two women were going at each other when the coach caught them and decided to join. Those offer but a taste of the hot sex at InnocentHigh.


Tech Talk

There are generally between 300 and 500 pictures in each standard set. They are 700x1050px. There are about just as many screen captures. They are 720x405px. Both image types are zip-packed and can be viewed as a slide show. The website scores some usability points there.

Abundant video options also net the website major usability points. Full-length movies run around the thirty-minute mark. They can be viewed online in Flash or Windows Media player. The Flash movies look better. The full-length formats exist for QuickTime Player. These are 960x540px and run at 2.18Mbps. Full-length MPGs are 480x272px and run at 1.63Mbps. The full-length formats can be downloaded for Windows Media player. These have three qualities. High-quality ones are 1280x720px and run at 2.14Mbps, normal(medium)-quality ones are 960x540px and run at 1.41Mbps, and low-quality ones are 640x360px and run at 797Kbps.

There are also three types of clips. The thirds come in WMV and MPEG formats. The former are 640x360px and run at 1.05Mbps; the latter are 480x272px and run at 1.63Mbps. One-minute parts exist for surfers with very slow connections. Ten-minute summaries exist for viewers with limited time or patience. These are made for Windows Media Player and the iPod. The former are 640x360px and run at 715Kbps, and the latter are 640x360px and run at 1.21Mbps.

Older videos are not as good quality - they come in 640x360 as their max resolution.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

I personally think that the website overdid the pigtails and braids. I understand that the women are supposed to look cute and young, but I think that point is conveyed well enough through the fact that they are eighteen. It's not a real problem, but it certainly doesn't help model variety.

With that said, everything else was beautiful, except the slow download speeds that seem to be an unfortunate trademark of the Team Skeet network. I don't usually enjoy teens, but the models were very hot. Fans of the niche should have no trouble agreeing with me.

I like the creativity behind the episodic plots. Well, maybe they aren't really that creative, but they sure are amusing. For example, in "Blojob and a Fuk", Christina Moure is a cheerleader who cannot spell. Her coach doesn't want her to sound stupid in the football field, so he teaches her how to spell. To show her gratitude, Christina fucks and sucks him.



PricePeriodRebillsAdditional Info
USD 24.87 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every period
USD 49.87 3 months / 90 daysRebills after every periodWill recur at $24.87/mo.
Payment Processors:
NetBilling, Local Billing, Epoch, CCBill, WTS Online Check, GXBill, European Debit


Innocent High does an excellent job of giving fans of the teen niche exactly what they crave. These young women aim to please the men that portray their educational superiors, which in turn pleases the target audience. The technical quality of the material is very nice. The only thing that could be improved are the relatively slow download speeds.

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