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Nubiles is an HD megasite with 18-19 year old girls that is bursting with content! There are well over 700 models in well over 420,000 photos and more than 2300 gigabytes of video content, not to mention tons of bonus content. Content is mostly solo girl posing, but there are some boy-girl and girl-girl sets as well. Vanilla but tasty nonetheless, videos come in true 720p HD and pictures are gorgeous high-res images.

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Points/USD: 2.97

Entertainment: 31/35   Hot 18-19 year old girls being hot whilst doing hot things.
Technical content: 22/25   Great HD quality videos and large images.
Usability: 10/15   Pretty easy to use, though there is so much content on here that you could get lost anyway.
Updates: 22/25   Updated every single day with multiple sets. 3 new girls a week!
Date: 2010-03-04
Written by: Joseph

18-23, Amateur, Babes, Photography, Glamour, Hardcore, High-definition, Videos

European girls, masturbation, small boobs, solo posing
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Concept and Introduction

Nubiles bills itself as an HD teen megasite and it ain’t lying! Just look at these staggering statistics: over 700 models, well over 420,000 photos, more than 2300 gigabytes of video content (that’s over 3500 movies in all!) and tons of bonus content (over 120 models in 20,000 images). Not too shabby, huh?


Porn Talk

Not surprisingly, Nubiles is filled with nubile legal teens (just like the name of the site would imply). Sure, some of these girls appear on other sites, but you cannot find the “choice girl” content on any of those other sites, for it is shot for and only I don’t know what they mean by “choice girl,” I guess they just mean to say these chicks are hot. And, yes, they are hot! But what do these hot chicks do?! Well, they do many wonderful things like strip down to full nudity, play with themselves and occasionally have sex with horny dudes (the site’s makers claim to shoot at least one hardcore set a week and many models have at least one hardcore shoot under their belts). Each girl has a different number of videos and pictures to her name. The quality of all of this action is rather fantastic--great lighting, arrangement and camera work.


Tech Talk

All the content on this site looks excellent. The videos, which average about twelve minutes in length, can be downloaded in MPEG (1600k, 640x360), DIVX (.avi), WMVHD (3500k, 1280x720) and MPEG4 (iPhone compatible) and they can also be streamed in-browser with Flash (bit unknown, 640x360). Two-minute clips are available in MPEG format for each set and full-length downloads are available in all formats. Videos are watermarked but do not have any type of DRM and there are no limits on the amount of content members can download. It should be noted that the WMV HD files are true 720p HD as promised.

Photos are also watermarked and are high-resolution. Download ‘em one at a time or in a nice little zipped file. Isn’t it nice to have so many options? Even better, is updated every day with multiple picture and video sets and the webmasters add three brand new girls to the site each and every week.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

With its battalion of babes ready to go into battle Nubiles ain’t exactly inventing the wheel here, but that’s okay because the wheel has already been invented. So we’re cool. Although there are many, many porn sites like this site on the Internet, Nubiles outshines ‘em all with its quality and sheer amount of content. There’s just so much material here it overwhelms you on your first few visits. Amazingly all of it is topnotch as well. Granted, the girls doing bad things premise has been done to death, but you can’t fault for doing it well. Much of its library is kind of vanilla compared to some other hardcore sites these days, but then that's what should interest you if you're looking into joining this site.



PricePeriodRebillsAdditional Info
USD 29.31 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every period
USD 85.00 4 months / 120 daysNON recurring
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You can’t help but like a website with the following question in its FAQ: “Why does your site kick so much ass?” I’ll tell you why: Nubiles is updated so frequently with good stuff that you will definitely get a return on your investment from joining this site. What more could you want?!’s heaving archive of 18-19 year old women and their heaving bosoms will keep you busy for ages to come.

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