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The cuties serve to please. They even get down on their knees and suck. There is plenty of action for the hardcore fan. Solo, girl-on-girl, and girl-on-guy all occur on Only Cuties in some phenomenal quality. The high definition videos won’t disappoint. Strangely enough, a few women look like they are in their thirties.

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Points/USD: 2.74

Entertainment: 28/35   These barely legal women know how to please.
Technical content: 20/25   Good quality content, but a fast connection is recommended.
Usability: 13/15   Great search engine, useful tags.
Updates: 20/25   One a day.
Date: 2009-03-07
Written by: Graham Stroker

18-23, Babes, Glamour, Hardcore, High-definition, Photography, Videos

18-23 year old
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Concept and Introduction

18 to 20 year old women in solo, girl-on-girl, and girl-on-guy action is the idea of Only Cuties. The models flash their breasts, vaginas, and asses as well as finger themselves and each other. There is also plenty of sucking and fucking. Caucasian women are the norm. The website boasts about high technical quality.


Porn Talk

Only Cuties gets pretty hardcore. When solo, the models will go at their vaginas with sex toys, making their faces writhe in ecstasy. They will also use toys on each other when going girl-on-girl. They eat each other out with such passion. This website slashes the myth that cute implies innocent, especially when the models are sucking dick and getting pounded up the ass. These women know how to perform and exhibit no shyness whatsoever. They are in good shape. Most of them appear all natural; however, some breasts are implants. Only Cuties will definitely arouse viewers into 18-20 year old women. Unlike some websites, Only Cuties offers models solo, with other women, or with men. There is certainly something for every fan of women in the age range from 18 to early twenties. Still, more variety in the models would probably be a plus. The similar appearances may get monotonous.


Tech Talk

The website advertises that it has 73,000+ high-res photographs. Each set contains around 80 pictures, although sometimes there are nearly 100 per set. There are three qualities. The lowest is 533x800px and looks pretty nice. Next up is the 800x1200px medium quality, which looks even better. Lastly, the highest is 1333x2000px and looks fantastic. There are also some decent looking 750x422px stills accompanying each video episode.

The videos run about twenty minutes. Some are a bit longer. The full versions can be viewed in Windows Media Player at 1280x720 @ 4Mbit/s or 852x480 @ 2Mbit/s. It can be viewed in QuickTime at 960x540 @ 2Mbit/s. They can be quite taxing on the viewers with slower internet connections. Some files are almost 600MB! But hey, at least those options are available. They are definitely worth downloading. For those that can’t afford the wait, the full length is broken down into five 448x256 @ 1Mbit/s MPG parts. Unfortunately, they don’t look equally nice obviously. Finally, the movie can be streamed in Flash Player at either 728x408 @ 1Mbit/s or 448x256 @ 464Kbit/s.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

Only Cuties is a great website for 18-23 year old women. They know how to please themselves, other girls, and guys. They also know how to seduce a viewer with suggestive eyes and sly smiles. They aren’t afraid to show their pleasure. Sometimes, models will even get cum facials and get pounded up the ass. The technical quality is also very nice. The cosmetics look wonderful. The lighting is great. It is obvious that the videos and movies were subjected to some thorough editing. The HDV videos are an exceptionally nice bonus.

I did notice a few models that appeared to be at least in their mid to late thirties, unless they were heavy drug users. One even had crow’s feet. Now, there’s nothing wrong with mature women. Yet, a website that prides itself on barely legal women fulfilling viewer fantasies shouldn’t be employing women that aren’t between the advertised ages of eighteen and twenty.



PricePeriodRebillsAdditional Info
USD 29.95 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every period
USD 49.95 2 months / 60 daysNON recurring
USD 59.95 3 months / 90 daysNON recurring
USD 89.95 6 months / 180 daysNON recurring
Payment Processors:
CC Bill, Epoch, FX/VXS billing. Credit Card, Check, Phone


The 18-23 year old women at Only Cuties know how to fulfill viewer fantasies, leaving them so satisfied that they’ll come back for more when they get that sexual feeling. The high definition video content and excellent pictures allows viewers to have even more fun. Watch out, though, because some older women snuck in somehow.

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