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We reviewed Real GFs to see if it is actually real, amateur, and arousing. It is. The girls are frisky for the camera and the homemade content covers both softcore teasing and dancing as well as hardcore fucking, even in lesbian threesomes. The site is a bit messy and will take extra effort and patience to navigate but they payback is worthwhile.

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Points/USD: 3.16

Entertainment: 28/35   Real girls being really slutty.
Technical content: 12/25   Nothing special.
Usability: 4/15   Everything is chaotic in terms of organization.
Updates: 17/25   Multiple times a week.
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Concept and Introduction

This website is entirely comprised of user-submitted pictures and videos of real girlfriends posing, stripping and teasing. The website boasts it has over 20,000 pictures and 1,000 videos from 15,000 different girls. Most of the material is self-shot on a normal digital cameras or taken by their boyfriends/girlfriends.


Porn Talk

It was pretty obvious as soon as I signed in that the material here is very amateur. This content is definitely taken by low to mid grade personal, non-professional cameras. Webcams and cheap digital cameras, and even cellular phone cameras, are used. This is exactly what amateur websites should look like, the entire arousal factor banking on the raw and real nature of the sex.

The content is as varied as the mostly college-aged sluts being filmed. There is heterosexual couples doing hardcore, such as the video "Takes her in the Kitchen". There are softcore galleries. Any image set entitled "Babes" falls into this category. There are three types of threesomes: all girl (e.g., "Two Girls fist a Third"), 2guys/1girl, and 2girls/1guy. There are also solo videos where girls will strip and use toys. Examples of these include the steamy "Really Hot Brunette Strips". There are several gallery names devoted to cum shots (including facials) and blowjobs. There are instances of group sex, like the racy "Dirty Girl Playing With Herself". Some fetish episodes are thrown into the mix, like "Horny Amateur Couple". And, last but not least, there is plenty of tit fucking, anal sex, and general sexual craziness.

The website is a bit disorganized. That will be discussed in the next section. There are three main content headings. Pictures has sexy images. There are a lot of sets. Each set has a different number of pictures. Some have fifteen pages of thumbnails, others only have two. Clips are typically shorter, although some of the movies under the Videos tab are not that long.


Tech Talk

Image resolutions vary immensely. Nothing much more can be said. Each gallery can be packed in zip files. Their organization is just as sloppy as their layout. might be an amateur porn site but it should still try to maintain order and make browsing their content as easy as possible.

Clips and full-length videos stream online in Flash. They both have a 320x240px resolution. They can be downloaded but they only play in a program that supports FLVs (Flash format). They provide a link to Google so viewers can search for a free one. This seems a bit lazy. The website simply should have linked a compatible player. We recommend VLC Media Player. Downloaded videos are generally 320x240px as well, though clips can be as small as 176x144px. Sound quality does vary. This website is not about technical quality, focusing instead on pure realism.

The streams loop, which means a particularly intense masturbatory session won't be interrupted. That sure is an interesting touch.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

I am not sure if I love or hate this website. The content is pretty good. Most of it is generic and nothing inspiring, which is fine; the website isn't striving to be the most original pornographic website. In fact, I really liked seeing real girls being really whorish. It was sexy to see the low-quality videos and pictures of girls flashing, sucking dick, or crawling naked all over each other. Viewers who like real women in amateur material will agree.

What I hated was the website's organization and layout. It was simply a mess! The best thing to do is go to the model database that is strictly chronologically ordered and browse through the numerous pages looking for a hot model. Clicking on a photo gallery does not necessarily guarantee that the girls featured are the same within that particular set. The Clips and Videos are affected somewhat less by this disorganization because they don't contain subdivisions.



PricePeriodRebillsAdditional Info
USD 19.95 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every period
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Real GFs succeeds in the content department. It will be arousing to almost all surfers who like seeing real girls strip, suck, fuck (guys and other girls), dance, toy, and rub. It's sloppily put together and frustrating to navigate but the authentic quality and feel of the action makes the extra effort in browsing worthwhile in the end.

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Total average: 76.7/100

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