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Our Teen Models review found a site full of an exceptional amount of beautiful European girls and high quality media options. The photographs are sexy and feature either lesbian or solo content. The steamy videos have both lesbian and heterosexual hardcore. The wonderful layout brings all the content together. Teen Models is bound to please fans of beautiful women and high quality pictorials and movies.

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Points/USD: 2.93

Entertainment: 31/35   Beautiful and arousing material in multiple niches.
Technical content: 22/25   Multiple high-definition video formats. Beautiful photos.
Usability: 13/15   Superb layout, zip files, streaming video, HD video... everything is perfect!
Updates: 20/25   Daily.
Date: 2010-02-04
Written by: Graham Stroker

18-23, Babes, Glamour, Photography, Lesbian, Hardcore, High-definition, Videos

European girls, glamorous, sex toys, vegetables
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Concept and Introduction

Teen Models is dedicated to eighteen and nineteen year old women. The last part of the title implies non-nude softcore, but do not be fooled: the action is very explicit. Most of it is composed of either solo women or girl-on-girl material; however, there are some episodes in the Naughty section involving heterosexual sex. Dildos are frequently used to supplement hands, but fruits and even baseball bats are employed. Sometimes viewers will see anal action and double penetration.


Porn Talk

Despite the explicit action, TeenModels manages to impart an atmosphere of classiness in its photographs. I suppose that is why *Models* was included in the title. Whether four women are using dildos on each other or a daring teen is sticking a small baseball bat in her vagina, there is that air of professionalism and quality.

The same can be said about the regular movies, which also feature lesbian material. The videos in the Naughty section, on the other hand, are down and dirty and feature boy/girl hardcore.

Though the women are eighteen or nineteen, they behave as if they are vastly more mature than the average person their age. As I mentioned in the Introduction, fruits and vegetables are sometimes used. Bananas and cucumbers are popular choices. The high-quality pictures and videos are bound to increase the arousal of their contained content. The inclusion of multiple outside shoots enhances the beauty, but that is not to say the interior footage is bad; it is clear that whether inside or out, the directors paid close attention to the settings and their lighting.


Tech Talk

The images are really high in quality. They are 3000x2000px. Or, for viewers with slower connections, they can be viewed at 800px or 1600px as well. There are rarely too many pictures as each image is generally unique and different from both the previous and following one; however, sometimes the poses are too similar.

The videos come in several options:

Quicktime (MP4): 1920x1080px @ 5Mbit/s., 1280x720px @ 2Mbit/s., 640x360px @ 1Mbit/s.
WMV: 1280x720px @ 2Mbit/s., 640x360px @ 1Mbit/s.,
PSP: 480x272px @ 1Mbit/s.
iPhone: 640x260px @ 1Mbit/s.
iPod 380x176px @ 1Mbit/s.

Finally, the videos can also be streamed in Flash.

Videos in the 'naughty' section which include boy/girl hardcore have slightly different format options, but also include 720p WMV files.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

I would call the photographs hardcore erotica if those terms when combined were not an oxymoron. I definitely liked it. I am a huge fan of photography, modeling, and lesbian hardcore, so I find the images to be incredibly arousing. My favorite set was Jungle Cat.

The videos were great, too. Though I am quite partial to classiness and tastefulness, I like seeing porn stars get nasty, so the inclusion of the Naughty section was a great idea. I was quite pleased that the photographs contained no boy/girl hardcore action. They were completely devoted to presenting lesbian or solo content, focusing on the graceful shapes of these European glamor babes' bodies. Teen Models doesn't skimp out on the hardcore, whether lesbian or heterosexual, though -- it is energetic and fantastically orchestrated and has the same attention to detail as the photo galleries. The entire website is bound to satisfy viewers who enjoy both classiness and nastiness. The layout is great, too.



PricePeriodRebillsAdditional Info
USD 29.99 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every period
USD 59.99 3 months / 90 daysRebills after every period
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Viewers interested in solo or lesbian action will be thrilled with the picture galleries and regular movies, which are nearly reminiscent of erotica. Viewers interested in heterosexual hardcore will love the videos in the Naughty section, even though there are also movies containing lesbian content. Chances are, though, that most hardcore porn enthusiasts enjoy both categories, making Teen Models an excellent option.

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2010-05-18 23:55:57
Member for 0 Months

The photos are good
The videos have very poor angles, some of them are too soft
The worst thing of this site is the downloads, it just keep breaking. I was force to use a download manager and put the link at least 2 times when the download break.
There are plenty of sites much better than this

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