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Girls Out West is a great site for fans of natural and amateur girls. The updates are regular (both videos and photo galleries at several times a week), and navigation is simple. There are hundreds of amateur women featured in very good quality pictures and videos.

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Points/USD: 3.36

Entertainment: 31/35   Great girl next door content.
Technical content: 20/25   Very good quality pictures and videos.
Usability: 12/15   Easy navigation.
Updates: 20/25   Updates several times a week.
Date: 2009-03-11
Written by: Tamesin

Amateur, Photography, 18-23, Butts, Lesbian, Public-nudity, Videos

amateurs, Australian models, natural women, outdoors
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Concept and Introduction

In Annie's words: "I have a vision that is ultimately anti-mainstream pornography - it's about you and me. By showing everyday girls--doing everyday things, in everyday locations--I believe that together we can build a site that makes us friends." From the looks of the tour pages, the models look like the girl next door types - all natural, without any sense of jadedness about sexuality and life. This truly looks like a fun site!


Porn Talk

The content joyfully allows the girls to be totally natural. I say "joyfully" because that's the sense you get from the girls. They're having a great time showing off their bodies, and there's a sense of intimacy to all of the content - like it's just home movies to share with a couple of friends. The girls look like the girl next door type - most, if not all, with natural boobs and even an occasional model with braces, hairy underarms, hairy pussies, and/or a bit on the chubby side.

You also get to know the models pretty well, with such features as the behind the scenes videos, as well as within the actual videos themselves. For instance, on a couple of the videos I watched, Annie would ask the model questions about the shoot and her life. Captivating Molli talked about some guy she just met and will be going out with later that night. Annie asked Molli if she was going to have sex, and Molli coyly says she's not sure.


Tech Talk

Updates are regular, with around 4 videos and 4 photo sets uploaded per week. There are approximately 700 solo girl videos, around 130 girl/girl videos, and over 30 boy/girl videos. The videos are downloadable only in MPG or WMV format. They open to various sizes (around 2.17 Mbps), in 638x478, 640x360, 768x432, and 524x384 pixels. The quality of the videos is very good, even with the ones shot outdoors. The videos usually last at least 10 minutes, with a fair amount of very clear close ups.

To find the photo sets, scroll down on the home page. Under the latest updates, you'll find links to the latest photo updates and video updates. There are almost 800 photo galleries, dating back to April, 2002. The newer photos open to 834x1250, while the older ones open to 660x1000. As of very recently all new photo sets come in 2000x1335 pixels though and look absolutely great. The pictures are good quality, even the older ones. How many photos in each gallery varies; I'd say the average is around 100, although I saw some with around 30 and some with over 300 pictures. The galleries are zip downloadable, and a slide show option is available.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

The menu consists of links to News, Solo Girls (around 400), Girl/Girl (around 80 pairings), Girl/Boy (around 20 pairings), Videos, Behind the Scenes, Stories, Extras, Forums, and About Annie. The Forums are surprisingly pretty active, with Annie and many of the models participating. This is unlike so many other forums in members' areas where there's little participation, much less having the models and webmaster participating.

As I said, the models are all natural, and it's really refreshing to see amateurs being themselves. Yes, they get down to business - be it stripping, masturbating, or doing hardcore sex with a partner - but they also are their giggling and sometimes shy selves before and/or after the videos. I think a lot of the credit goes to Annie, the power behind Girls Out West. She makes the girls feel totally at ease with their bodies, which makes them open right up to the camera, showing their adorable personalities and sexuality. There's no slick production feel to any of this site, so if you're a fan of all natural and amateur girls, you'll be very pleased with Girls Out West.

Also, I don't get a sense that any of these videos are rehearsed ahead of time. I think there's probably a general outline of what's to occur - like masturbation or sex with another - but the actions just flow - like in real life. The girls seem to be in control, which makes them very comfortable with showing off their bodies and, where appropriate, having sex with their partners. If the action is boy/girl, they are already a couple, so they're very natural in front of the camera.



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Girls Out West is a great site with lots of all natural and amateur girls. The content is very good quality, and the updates are regular. There's a good mix of hardcore and softcore. I've seen a lot of very good amateur sites on the internet, but this is one of the best. This is mainly due to Annie's ability to make the girls feel very at ease with showing their bodies for the camera. Combined with quality content and quantity (hundred of amateurs), Girls Out West is definitely worth the price of membership.

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