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I had a chance to visit and have a long look at some of the best and most authentic lingerie fetish porn online. She specializes in all things vintage lingerie, and mixes in some solo softcore and lesbian content for good measure. The site updates regularly and is large.

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Very Good

Points/USD: 3.05

Entertainment: 31/35   A very unique vintage lingerie fetish site with material you won't find in such quality or abundance anywhere else.
Technical content: 17/25   The movies look good and the pictures are big, but pics are rather average in terms of clarity/crispness.
Usability: 9/15   The model index is nice, but more search tools could help. More media options would be nice too.
Updates: 17/25   Seems to be updated 3-4 times each week.
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Concept and Introduction

Go back to when girls had pubic hair, to when they wore very sexy girdles, bullet bras, restrictive girdles and seamed stockings, when a curvy figure was natural and the under garments of women truly emphasized those curves. Step inside of Lady Suspender and get access to all of this and more in her very unique collection of vintage lingerie and lesbian sex content.


Porn Talk

In Lady Suspender's own words, her site has "something for everyone" who's into vintage lingerie, stockings and high heels. Her catalogue of material is quite large and it runs the gamut from softcore posing and styling to more intense lesbian kissing and touching. There were even some BDSM-themed material here. There is a wide array of lingerie used here: bullet bras, classic panties, long knickers, suspenders/garters, fully fashioned seamed stockings, nylons, corsets, pantyhose, tights, nylon slips and more.

The focus is, however, on the vintage lingerie. These aren't just a quick look at stocking-clad feet. The scenes aren't terribly long but they spend most of their time with the lingerie. For example, the first part of a recent video update has a middle aged lady with a nice figure putting on and adjusting some lingerie: a restrictive girdle with garter belt, thigh high seamed stockings, a bullet bra and high heel shoes. She's trying it on, having the sexy store clerk adjust her. She walks around, bends over, making sure it fits snug and feels comfortable. Eventually the store clerk will come up to her and star rubbing her twat through her panties, but that's only after all the time we spend with the model trying to vintage lingerie on. This is typical of all scenes and galleries.

An important fact: Despite the site's vintage theme, the content is produced today, but all the models wear vintage lingerie.


Tech Talk

The action is really quite good here, and very attuned to a fetish lover's needs. That's important because the media options are good. Movies come in one of two sizes, both are Windows Media files. The more common as of late is the 640x360 resolution file with a 1 Mbit rate. The other is 640x480 also with a bit rate of 1 mpbs. This seemed low to me, but it actually looks crisp and clear. They must have a way to compress the file down without losing the quality. Very impressive. Both look about as good as the other, but obviously the 640x480 is just slightly larger. Most running times are around five minutes, some movies will have multiple installments.

Pictures were a little varied as well, though every set I checked was 1472 pixels in at least one dimension. Here were some of the image sizes I recorded: 1472x943, 1472x1104, 1472x988. These are very big shots, but they are not very crisp. At full size, the image - though not blurry - doesn't have the sort of clear pop that a high resolution shot would have. I believe these were taken with consumer cameras and by amateurs. If they had better lighting the images would have more of that sparkle, but apparently the photographer didn't know any better. The rather large galleries are still very much worth looking through or download in the zip files provided.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

Lady Suspenders is a strikingly unique site. I don't think I've ever had a chance to visit a site that was dedicated exclusively to real vintage lingerie before, at least dedicated in the way that Lady Suspender is. This isn't some hardcore site with girls wearing cheap nylons that get torn off in the first 2 minutes, it's a site that really explores and seeks to satisfy the pleasure centers of those with a 'thing' for vintage lingerie. The collection of items Lady Suspender has put together is down right awe striking, though I suppose it is not too shocking since she runs her own lingerie shop in the UK. You can buy items for yourself from her. You can also buy DVD versions of the scenes found on the site.

I think this is one of those rare fetish sites that really is a fetish site. If you've got a lingerie fetish, specifically a vintage lingerie fetish, then one look at her content will have you hooked. I'd bet on it.



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USD 24.95 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every period
USD 59.00 3 months / 90 daysRebills after every periodAfter 90 days rebills at $24.95/month.
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Lady Suspender is one of the best lingerie fetish sites I've been to. She is truly dedicated to the niche and has as much personal interest in the topic as the most diehard fans of her site. That shows in the content. The media options could be much better, but considering all the other elements of the site I think this is still a fantastic option.

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