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Our NDN Girls review was impressed with the raw amateur footage and varied cast of real Native American girls. The mix of fetish and general sex acts is fun and the girls' personalities really color these often long scenes. The site is new with lots of work left for the webmaster and needs to keep growing, but fans of Native American porn should definitely give it a visit soon.

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Above Average

Points/USD: 1.90

Entertainment: 28/35   Hard to find Native American girls in fun, amateur sex movies and photos.
Technical content: 15/25   Despite the 720p HD format these aren't true HD videos. Pictures are regular-res.
Usability: 6/15   Most movies have multiple formats, but no streaming Flash movies. No zip files or organization for photos.
Updates: 7/25   No updates schedule yet. Still in development.
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Concept and Introduction

NDN Girls is a site dedicated to Native American girls and features them in solo, lesbian and hardcore amateur movies. The babes come from all walks of life and are of various ages and videos are offered in 720p HD movie downloads.


Porn Talk

I was a little curious as to what NDN Girls could possibly mean, then it hit me: its phonetic. EN-dee-EN girls, or INDIAN girls. Anyway, that's what this site is all about and though it is essentially brand new and not very large, it's already impressive in its variety. You'll see pregnant girls, MILFs, teens, babes showering, girls making out, hot MILF Native American ladies slurping a fat white cock and playing with the cummy mess that follows. The site doesn't really limit itself in any way other than making sure it's a real, Native American babe in each porn scene.

So far the site has touched on the smoking fetish, preggo fetish, solo masturbation, blowjobs and hand jobs. All of this is done in a very amateur, real and gritty fashion. For example, in one scene the site's host Shimmy finds a 'crack head native girl' to suck his cock and swallow his cum for $62 and a hot chocolate.


Tech Talk

Movies usually come in two formats: H.264 MP4 files and an MP4 file optimized for iPhone. The first is always going to offer a 1280x720 resolution and an HD quality playback. That however is slightly misleading as the source material doesn't seem to be HD, rather a regular video that is encoded in 1280x720 format with black bars in both sides around the actual video image. These files are large and can range from 500mb to 1.5gb in size. I honestly think videos could look just as good at a much smaller file size. The iPhone MP4s are small, just 320x240 and look sharp. Some additional formats are mixed in, like DivX, but these are rare. The two formats listed appear to be what the site will be sticking to in the future.

The photos are all linked to from the main page. Its just a few pages of thumbnails without any sorting or categorization. Click on them to view the full-size image. These are large, high-res pictures. There appears to be a few for each video. You can save these to your hard drive one by one, but there are no zip file downloads.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

There's a message at the top of the NDN Girls site from the webmaster: "Still working around the clock to get all the video content encoded and uploaded." This was a small note left with the link to the picture files. Obviously the site is very much a work-in-progress yet. It opened its doors just a few weeks prior to my visit and by the look of things should have waited a little longer. Things are still being cleaned up and put into their places.

Once things settle down and regular updates start I think this site is going to be one of the best (and only) places for those seeking Native American amateur porn. It's not a readily available niche and this site is offering up some fun amateur movies in HD quality downloads. I enjoyed the diversity and grittiness of each documentary-styled scene and look forward to more updates in the future.



PricePeriodRebillsAdditional Info
USD 29.99 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every period
USD 59.98 3 months / 90 daysRebills after every period
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NDN Girls is a site still finding its footing, having just launched a few weeks prior to my visit, but is already well on its way to being a great option for fans of Native American porn. There is still room for lots of improvement, but the amateur movies here are raw, fun and offered in good quality movies and make the site well worth checking our for potential fans.

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