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Our See My GF review found a site that was bursting with homemade naughtiness culled from the far corners of cyberspace. Granted, the quality of this siteís content isnít great, but thereís a lot of it and itís all amateur, so quit your bellyaching. See My GF will appeal to those who want to see other dudesí girlfriends.

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Very Good

Points/USD: 3.61

Entertainment: 31/35   You like homemade smut? You will like this (for it is homemade smut).
Technical content: 12/25   Made at home by non-profressionals, so the quality is lacking a bit.
Usability: 7/15   No streaming videos, only one download format/file for each video, browsing options could be improved.
Updates: 20/25   Updated every other day.
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Concept and Introduction

See My GF has an extensive collection of one hundred percent homemade porn culled from various online sources including MySpace, Facebook and YouTube. The site also prides itself on its user-submitted content which is much more intense and naked than the other material. Girlfriends strip down, give head and ďfuck hardĒ in nearly fifty thousand pictures and over one thousand videos.


Porn Talk

Home is where the heart is... and itís also where the cunt is...and the cock is... And youíll see all of those (minus the heart, maybe) on See My GF! Youíll also see anal sex, facials, cream pies and threesomes. Of course, given the nature of this site, it goes without saying that most of the stuff you see on See My GF is not exclusive to SeeMyGF. The content comes from all over the Internet; hell, I noticed pics taken from a set Iíd seen on Burning Angel many, many years ago (the set is not on Burning Angel at the present time and the set is incomplete on See My GF). I would guess that much of this content was filched from the same pool of nonexclusive homemade porn that other sites of this ilk draw from. Having said that, there is some exclusive picture sets here that were sent in by fans of this site. Many of the photos on See My GF were clearly shot by the gals themselves, probably for a special boyfriend, leading me to wonder if they were put on the Internet by vengeful EXes.


Tech Talk

Talking about the technical specifics of the content found on a site like this is nearly impossible but here we are anyway! Obviously, the quality, size and even format of all this stuff varies wildly; remember, it all comes from different sources, thus there is no consistency at all here. None whatsoever! Occasionally, you will encounter some high-resolution images, but most of these pics are genuinely homemade, so they are lacking in the quality department--they are shot poorly by amateurs with cheap cameras. There arenít any zipped files or any automatic slideshow features, making navigation kinda clunky.

With regards to the videos, they are short and poor in quality when played. The videos are in a myriad of different formats: Windows Media, QuickTime, etc. Hell, I even saw some AVI files! Updates are very frequent. They used to be daily, but now they occur every other day or so.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

I love sites like this. I wonít lie to you, folks, much of my youth has been squandered looking through endless trails of MySpace profiles and Photobuckets in search of dirty pictures of real amateur girls and I bet a bunch of you have wasted your lives doing the same.

Well, See My GF has done all the legwork for us! Thatís this siteís main draw, methinks: the webmasters surf the web in search of smut so we donít have to. And, let me tell you, these guys have been busy rooting around the Internet for content! This site is updated with alarming frequency! And, better still, some of this stuff is exclusive to this site. Yup, Iím not the only one who likes See My GF - - others like it as well and they show their love by sending in their own homemade smut. Any fan of homemade porn starring mostly college aged babes are going to love this site.



PricePeriodRebillsAdditional Info
USD 19.95 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every period
USD 9.95 7 daysRebills after every periodRecurs at $19.95 a month.
USD 55.00 3 months / 90 daysNON recurring$55.00 for 95 days non-recurring.
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If you like homemade smut, then Iím guessing you will like See My GF. Sure, the quality tends to fluctuate wildly, but thatís homemade smut for you. And, sure, there are no bonus sites, but the price of admission is slightly below average and See My GFís updates are frequent, so you gotta take the good with the bad here. Join See My GF if you like your porn homemade and sloppy and donít join this site if a lack of professionalism isnít your bag.

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