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WD Girls wants to invite you over to have a few drinks, or at least watch their pretty amateur girls have several. And then a few more. And maybe one last round after that. You'll watch as they get absolutely smashed before your eyes, and as they get drunk they do crazy things like flash in public, pee in public, make out with other girls and even masturbate. But by the end they are so smashed they are throwing up and pass out wherever they fall over! A fun site available in HD and with a really original fetish interest to offer.

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Points/USD: 2.74

Entertainment: 31/35   Really original drunk girl fetish content but there isn't much nudity or sex-related action.
Technical content: 22/25   HD Video and new SD download options look good.
Usability: 10/15   The site has improved its members area with a redesign and added new media options.
Updates: 17/25   Every day, but they are short clips not the full scene (takes several days for all clips from one scene to be shared).
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Concept and Introduction

WD Girls brings wild and drunk amateurs getting hammered while you watch. As the BAC levels rise so does the desire to do crazy things like pee in public, flash, get naked, make out with girlfriends and do whatever else occurs to them before finally passing out inebriated on the floor.


Porn Talk

These girls really get hammered. And I mean HAMMERED. But they start each scene or series of clips sober. This site is all about watching them drink and get drunk, and then leaving the camera on to watch everything that happens as they become truly and absolutely inebriated.

The amateur girls, mostly 21-23 years old and not much older, get rowdy. If they are out in public there will probably be a public peeing scene as they stumble their way towards the apartment. They might flash their tits as well. For the girls getting hammered in their apartment things escalate further: clothes start to come off, they start to make out with their girlfriends, some girls even masturbate. All the erotic fun comes crashing to an end, though, when the booze levels get so high the girls are stumbling around half in the bag, usually ending up vomiting and passed out on the floor of the bathroom.

These are all the real deal, there is no acting or faking it. These are real amateur girls getting really wasted while you watch.


Tech Talk

Movie clips can be saved in 720p HD MP4 downloads (1280x720; 8 mbits) that offer a great quality playback. They are filmed a bit casually, as if a guy with a camera is just tagging along with the girls as they booze, so there are shots that are a bit dark, or when the camera moves around to fast. For the most part the filming is great.

They've added a new SD download since our last visit, an WMV file with a 720x576 screen (1.5 mbits) and a great playback quality. You can also stream movies online in an embedded Flash video player that looks about as sharp as the new SD download.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

WD Girls has upgraded their members area in the last year and it is now much easier to surf and browse through the library, which is pretty large. At the time of my visit there are currently 740 clips available. Each clip runs 5-10 minutes long and if you string several together you'll get a full length, complete episode. Update are constant here, with 1-3 new clips added every day which introduce new girls and new nights out boozing and doing crazy and wild things.

In order to download full episodes, not just the clips, you have to have had an active membership two months running. Once you do, you can download the full scene the day its first clip is uploaded, well before other members.

I really liked WD Girls, not least of all because they are so original. There's not really another site like it, where the erotic thrill comes from watching real girls get really drunk, and not just overtly sexual things. There is nudity, there is some masturbation, there is peeing, but there isn't sex and the sexy stuff that happens is really situational and just another part of the excitement of watching the inebriated girls have a crazy time together. If you like this concept, the site's library will deliver for you.



PricePeriodRebillsAdditional Info
USD 34.30 1 month / 30 daysNON recurring
USD 29.95 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every period
USD 94.95 3 months / 90 daysNON recurring
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These amateur girls are getting wasted while we watch, and once the alcohol takes effect the bad decisions start happening: public nudity, peeing, masturbation, all ending in a crash when the girls pass out or vomit themselves to sleep. It's a unique collection of drunk-girls fetish content you really won't see anywhere else and they have a lot of it with new content added daily.

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