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With over 30,000 images and 950 videos, Wife Bucket has become one of the best amateur housewife websites on the web. Updating 10 times a week and delivering some of the hottest content MILF and mature around, it's no wonder this site has become infamous in the amateur porn world.

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Very Good

Points/USD: 2.90

Entertainment: 28/35   The videos and photos are amateur, sexy and enjoyable.
Technical content: 12/25   As with any user submitted content site, Wife Bucket has variable quality and no apparent HD content.
Usability: 9/15   Navigation is good but no zipped photos sets or full length video downloads are available.
Updates: 22/25   Wife Bucket delivers new content 10 times a week.
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Concept and Introduction

Wife Bucket is primarily a user-submitted content website featuring real amateur wives from everyday life. With constant updates and a huge archive, Wife Bucket is surely becoming the end all of amateur wife sites. The content is raw and the women are sexy - welcome to MILF heaven.


Porn Talk

It appears that all of the content on Wife Bucket is submitted by users. Therefore, as you would expect, the site is really a pick 'n' mix of different amateur images and videos with no professional content to speak of. Naturally most of the content is shot inside the house and involves vanilla sex, though there were a few makeshift bondage shots spread throughout the website. Because some users only upload one or two images of their experiences, Wife Bucket puts together sets of 50 assorted images in three categories; blow jobs, hardcore and posing. However, there is a category for sets of images that updates two to three times a week. The videos come in groups of five and, as with the series sets, you get two to three every seven days.

As for the 'turn on' effect of the media, it's exactly what you sign up for. Part of the whole amateur niche is unedited, natural babes doing exactly what they want. There are a wide range of women featured on this site - Latina MILFs, mature Yanks, newlywed Australians and all those in between. To round it off in a single sentence, the content on Wife Bucket is seriously hot.


Tech Talk

It's really hard to give clear cut information regarding the quality of media on a site that has its content submitted by users. There is no linear resolution on any of the video or image files, although all of the images on the site are JPEG and videos are downloadable in WMV format. To give you a rough idea of what to expect, I did take a random sample of videos and found an average bit rate of 800 kbps. Resolutions of the videos is a completely different kettle of fish - only two of the videos I sampled had the same resolution (400x300) while the others ranged from 320x240 to 768x576 pixels.

Picture content followed in very much the same fashion, though the resolutions of the images were more impressive than those of the videos (with respect to current standards of both media types). Once again, to give you a general idea, four photos I took randomly from different sets came in at 800x600, 1151x900, 1280x960 and 1800x1350.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

If I'm perfectly honest I would hazard a guess that this site was created by a guy who wanted a place to share his wife's pictures. The site design is really basic and clearly more dependent on content than layout. At any rate, there are over 30,000 images on WifeBucket and close to 1,000 videos, a sizable quantity considering the niche and system of content acquisition. Which leads on to my next point beautifully, is the content at WifeBucket.com completely user driven?

I'm a webmaster myself and know that content such as that on Wifebucket is purchased on a day to day basis. However, I'm fairly confident that a good chunk of the content on this website comes from the average Joe user who wants to share his wife with the world. And if it isn't, it's sincere and raw enough to fool me which is good enough in my opinion.



PricePeriodRebillsAdditional Info
USD 12.36 7 daysRebills after every periodTrial membership, recurs at $24.79 monthly.
USD 24.79 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every period
USD 68.33 OtherNON recurring95 day membership.
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While the design of the site closely resembles what I made in my first term of IT at high school, we all know that you're not getting off to the HTML. The site really does deliver some top quality amateur wife content and does its job at arousing the user. On the whole I was impressed and would recommend the site to any self confessed MILF lover. Don't forget that you can also upload pictures of your significant other when you join - a bonus for many of you I'm sure.

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