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Tired of just sitting and watching porn? Wanting to socialize and perhaps meet with other sexually liberated people? Then go to World Wide Wives and find some interactive fun. The website as its name implies generally revolves around women and the men seeking them, but couples and groups can also register together. Some very erotic adventures are bound to ensue.

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Very Good
Entertainment: 28/35   Member-uploaded content.
Technical content: 15/25   Nice quality for member-uploaded material.
Usability: 10/15   Lots of features and ways to enjoy the community. Flash videos, live web cams and voice chats.
Updates: 20/25   Daily updates, amount varies.
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Concept and Introduction

World Wide Wives is an adult social network and friend finder. People can search for swingers, voyeurs, MILFs, and doggers (people who have sex with stranger in public places). Users can register solo or as a couple or group and search for others who do the same. There are tons of erotic and sexual pictures and videos to facilitate burgeoning relationships.


Porn Talk

The members on the website are just everyday people from all over the world who want to add some sexy fun into their online and real lives. The Uploads section has five categories. Freeview is dedicated to women, both solo and with other women in lesbian scenes. Hardcore has images of solo, heterosexual, and lesbian sex. Videos has a whole slew of moving media content. Willies features men and their genitals showing off their support for the ladies. The Shots category allows viewers to search for exactly what they want. There are numerous tags, which makes the searching relatively easy. Viewers may also browse through other members' profiles in addition to managing their own. There are live webcams that allow for the cultivating of more in-depth, or at least sexier, online relationships. Additionally, there are monthly competitions that give out cash prizes. Unfortunately, only women seem to be able to participate; although men can help them win the hardcore competitions.


Tech Talk

The number of images in each set depends entirely upon the user submitting them. The resolutions of the photographs vary as well. The videos stream online in a Flash Player. They can also be downloaded as Windows Media files. These are 500x332px and run at 1.06Mbps. The lengths vary, and the video quality may as well.

The chat room functions like any other chat with the exception that there are options for video and sound. Members wanting to get the most from the experience will need both a webcam and a microphone. Unfortunately, at least when I was reviewing the site, there were only nine people in the chat room, including myself. It was Saturday night, though; I assume most sexually liberated people are hooking up in real life on the weekends.

As with other social network and adult friend finder websites, there are methods of communication that include a message system. Members can also use a wink action, which is much like the Facebook poke.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

The best thing about user-uploaded material is the inherent diversity. People can find all kinds of interesting stuff from the vanilla to the fetish. I even found some alternative women! It's also nice to see a website that encourages some interaction. Sitting at a computer and watching even the most professional and sexiest of pornography is not quite the same as actually hooking up with or even interacting one-on-one online with other people that are horny just like you. It is a rather mind-blowing experience. Most of the website participants are older, although there are some younger members as well. I personally enjoyed the website immensely. The fact that they were real people was probably the biggest bonus of all. For those looking for interaction, dating and random hookups via an online community, Wold Wide Wives is a pretty good one.



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USD 30.00 3 months / 90 daysRebills after every period
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World Wide Wives is a fun website. There is a lot of viewer interaction because it is essentially an adult social network and friend finder. Complete with pictures, videos, and webcam enabled chat rooms, the website is sure to provide a lot of fun to viewers tired of watching and eager to join in the sexual melee. Maybe it will lead to some real life romps as well.

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