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Karup's Private Collection is the place to go for those with tastes within what the mainstream deems as acceptable. Want to see girl on girl action? Or how about older women? You can find those things here, as well as hardcore action and solo play. If you are looking for a website with high quality, full screen movies, I would go to another place though. Other than that, go check out the website!

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Points/USD: 2.77

Entertainment: 28/35   Sometimes there is redundant content in the photosets.
Technical content: 20/25   The videos could be improved. Should be high res options for all photos.
Usability: 12/15   A more advanced model database would be nice.
Updates: 22/25   12+ Updates every other two days is great!
Date: 2009-02-26
Written by: Graham Stroker

Babes, Glamour, Photography, Amateur, 18-23, Hardcore, Lesbian, Videos

glamour, Karups, lingerie, masturbation, solo posing
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Concept and Introduction

There are a lot of concepts behind Karup's Private Collection, so perhaps the best way to summarize would be to say that the site tries to sate multiple desires. There is toy usage, lesbianism, hardcore, softcore, teens, older women, women of different ethnicities (filed under the label "exotic"), professional porn models, and amateur ones (or at least pros posing as amateurs). The content occurs primarily indoors.


Porn Talk

The photography seems to be really well. It is apparent that Karups employs some professional photographers. A lot of the poses are really nice. Also, the cosmetics and hairstyles look great too. Such professionalism really makes the models shine, and adds to overall arousal.

This website is sure to satisfy at least someone who enjoys seeing the more common pornography elements. There's a wide range of content to view, so all but those with tastes exclusively for more adventurous material will be satisfied. The male models in the hardcore section are also in pretty decent shape, so there won't be any gelatinous masses to interrupt viewer pleasure.

On a final note, I would say that some sets could be cut down a few pictures. Sometimes there are three or four pictures in a row of capturing essentially the same moment. Only a leg there or a hand here has changed position in between the photographer clicking the snapshot button on his camera.


Tech Talk

The photosets contain around 150 images. Sometimes there are more (200+) and sometimes there are less (~100). The older ones (older than 1½ years) are only viewable in one resolution (680x1024). All new sets are viewable at the same resolution as well as a high resolution format (1001x1500).

The video work could be somewhat better. There is only one format available, and that is WMV. The movies cannot be streamed over the internet. They must be downloaded. The movies come in parts around 70 Mb each. There are generally two parts to each movie. The resolution of these movies is 640x480, the bit rate being 1.59 Mbps. They look really good when they aren't viewed as full screen presentations.

The model database could use some work. Letters of the alphabet that don't contain any models should be inactive links, until content is filed under them. There is an advanced search, which does prove useful allowing you to search by hair color, clothing, breast size etc.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

Karups PC is a good porn site. There is a lot of content to satisfy a ride range of voracious viewers, so long as what they enjoy aren't outside the confines of mainstream society. You won't find any fetish here. But you will find attractive girls playing with themselves (toys and/or fingers), having sex with each other, or blowing or screwing men. The action is hot, but not for those with really adventurous tastes.

The overall technical quality of the website is good. The layout is simple, but looks pleasant. It won't be a distraction to the viewer due to either bad design or an overpowering color scheme. The photographs are good, but they really shine in the high resolution versions. Too bad that not all photosets have this option. The videos, on the other hand, look good when viewed in the size in which they open, but look blurry when put into full screen mode. If there was anything Karups PC really needed to work on, it would be the video sections.



PricePeriodRebillsAdditional Info
USD 29.95 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every period
USD 69.95 3 months / 90 daysRebills after every period
Payment Processors:
Billing by by "EENT, Inc". Credit Card (Visa and Master Card), Phone Billing, Online Checking (US & EU), Mail-in Subscription


Karups PC has what it takes to please most viewers. Most things that are accepted as normal amongst the porn community is presented. There's lesbian action, girls by themselves, older women, younger women, and hardcore man-on-woman action. What you won't find here are things for the more adventurous viewers. But, they can go someplace else. For everyone else, I would recommend this website. But, if superb video quality is critical you, you could probably find better quality videos at other places.

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