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Twistys is virtually flawless. The only problem is a slight tendency towards boredom. But Iím only one person. The boredom could very well be alleviated by the sheer quantity of models. I highly recommend visiting the site if you enjoy watching women strip and play with themselves. If youíre looking for more hardcore action, be it straight or lesbian, then there are only a few picture and video sets to sate such desires. Thereís absolutely nothing wrong with any of the models. They are all gorgeous.

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Points/USD: 3.29

Entertainment: 28/35   Sometimes things are a bit too mechanical
Technical content: 17/25   Pictures could be higher resolution and quality
Usability: 13/15   It would be very difficult to get lost on this site
Updates: 22/25   Four new photosets and one new video each day
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Concept and Introduction

Twistys brings its viewers professional quality pictures of predominately tan babes with either blond or brown hair. These girls are definitely far from amateur, although the video and picture styles are. There are a few ethnic chicks. What little clothing exists is mostly sexy lingerie. The locations are tame, either inside pleasant interiors or outdoors.


Porn Talk

Though the girls are mostly Caucasian, there are a few Blacks, Hispanics, and Asians. There is little variation in body type. The women are either skinny or fit. There are lots of girls with natural breasts. There are also plenty with fake ones. The women know how to be on camera. There are plenty of smiles and sexy facial expressions. Most of the photo and video sets are solo posing and play. There is also a mix of some heterosexual sex, lesbianism, and cock sucking. Each model has a profile with a fact sheet and a short biography. The sequence for most photosets are similar. The women strips, striking poses along the way, and touches herself. The petting here ranges from light to heavy. Sometimes toys are used. Replace solo play with sex for non-solo photo shoots.


Tech Talk

There are usually around 100 pictures per photoset, although some contain almost 200 pictures. Every set can be downloaded as a ZIP file. The pictures range in quality from a decent 840x1280 to a high 1624x1083. The average bit rate for the movies is 2.00 Mbps. The pictures come in JPEG format. The pictures can also be viewed as a slideshow for those viewers wanting to free up a hand or two.

The videos are available usually available in both WMV and MOV formats, although some video sets just have MPG format. The latter generally comes in rather poor quality. They can be downloaded in sections for users with slower connection speeds, or all at once for those with high speed internet. The standard video resolution is 640x480 at 2 mbit/s and looks okay full screen.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

Twistys is an excellent site for viewers who want to see the generic stuff. Thereís nothing out of the ordinary. The most hardcore action is straight up sex, either girl on girl or girl on guy. Not that thereís anything wrong with ordinary. Twistys is very good at it, delivering attractive girls eager to satisfy the viewer. No one seems to be shy. They are definitely not new to the industry. In case such professionalism is a turn off to some viewers, some pictures and videos have an amateurish flair to them.

There is tons of content on the website; however, the labeling of the video clips is a bit misleading. In each modelís profile, there are several links to video sets. The number of clips listed in each are just separate parts to one long clip. I think that some viewers might find that disappointing. But donít fret! Every clip is hot. I will say that watching a lot of clips could get monotonous. Much like in the pictures, the women go through the same routine in the videos. Itís nice to watch for a while but boredom could work its way in and ruin an otherwise steamy masturbation session.



PricePeriodRebillsAdditional Info
USD 24.95 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every period
USD 59.95 3 months / 90 daysRebills after every period
USD 75.00 3 months / 90 daysNON recurring
USD 99.95 6 months / 180 daysNON recurring
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Twistys is well done. The photographs are nice, although the lighting in some could be improved. Thereís also heavy airbrushing. Aside from the monotony, thereís really nothing else wrong. The babes are beautiful. Thereís plenty of content to choose from. Try browsing through the top 1,000 models. And thatís just the top 1,000! This is definitely the place for anyone who enjoys watching regular pornography.

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