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Danielle FTV is a pretty good site of the naturally busty and sweetly beautiful Danielle. The quality of her videos and photo galleries is very good, but there's not much built up in the way of archives. Navigation is simple enough, and updates occur every 4 days with the exception of daily (free video logs).

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Points/USD: 3.29

Entertainment: 28/35   Good variety of sexy and erotic activity.
Technical content: 22/25   Very good quality content including HD videos.
Usability: 13/15   Simple navigation.
Updates: 17/25   Not a big archive yet. Updated every 4 days, but daily video logs.
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Concept and Introduction

Coed beauty, Danielle, shows just how sexy and kinky she can be when she's not in class or studying. In her website, Danielle FTV, she lives by the motto of "girls just wanna have fun," so she takes us along her erotic journey. Throughout it all, she still retains her sweetness and natural beauty.


Porn Talk

Danielle has a body that's made for porn. Her all natural D-cup breasts hang and swing like a woman's breasts should, so if you're turned off by hard silicone breasts, you'll be delighted by Danielle. Her pussy is often shaved, though she sometimes has a nice little landing strip above it.

No matter what type of kinky or hardcore activity Danielle is filmed doing, she still retains a natural sweetness about her. There's no sense of jadedness in her that you sometimes see in other porn models. You'll often see her scrunch her nose up in a big smile or giggles when she's doing something naughty or that feels good. Beauty and eroticism really does come naturally to Danielle.

From the variety offered in her content, you can see Danielle is open minded and willing to sample many different things - whether it's solo masturbation with fingers, sex toys, or veggies to public flashing and making out with a fellow model at the mall.


Tech Talk

There are around 50 videos at this time that you can stream or download. They play in good quality HD WMV, which open in 720x480 (3000 kbps/242 MB/3.15 Mbps) or 1280x720 (6000 kbps/366 MB/6.24 Mbps) sized screens. The videos are generally between 7 to 10 minutes in length. There are usually around 40 screenshots for preview purposes that open to 640x480 pixels. Additionally, there are around 10 candid vidoes and over 100 video logs.

Around 40 professional zip downloadable photo galleries are laid out in thumbnails, with the photo set numbering system starting at 089. (I originally thought there were more sets but, as I said, the numbering starts at 89). These photos open to 1600x1064 pixels and are very good quality. The average amount of photos in each of these sets is around 60 to 70. Also, there are around 10 photo galleries done by guest photographers. Some of these pictures open to over 2500 pixels and are very artsy. There are a few candid photo galleries (with various pixel sizes and quality obviously not as good as the professionally done ones).


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

There are a lot of non-nude pictures contained within the photo sets; these pictures show Danielle being fully dressed in public, face shots, etc. There's also a fair amount of public flashing.

The videos vary in content. I watched a lesbian scene, a solo masturbation scene, and a strip tease scene. No matter what she's doing, Danielle shows how much she's enjoying herself and often giggles - usually out of just having fun and sometimes from slight embarrassment. She said she felt dorky when dancing around the pole while she was strip teasing, but she kept on dancing. Despite her self consciousness, she gave it a good try and did quite an erotic and real, performance.

Danielle also interacts with her members on her forum, which is current and has a fair amount of participation. She also lets her members know when she'll be doing her webcam shows, which are usually once a week. They only last around 20 minutes, though.



PricePeriodRebillsAdditional Info
USD 24.95 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every periodRecurs at $19.95 monthly
USD 49.95 3 months / 90 daysNON recurring
Payment Processors:
CC Bill.


Danielle FTV is a pretty good site for a naturally busty coed to show off her sexy side. Danielle isn't afraid to go outside of her comfort zone to be erotic, and she does so in very good quality videos and photo galleries. She also interacts with her members via video logs and forum. I'm not sure how often the site is updated, though, since there are no dates noted. Another drawback is that there isn't much in the way of archives built up yet.

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