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Heal My Ass is a website for the more adventurous viewer! There is plenty of hardcore action here. Any kinky people and particularly those into anal sex will find the content to be quite pleasing. Be warned, though. Heal My Ass is not for the faint of heart. Those interested in vanilla porn should stay clear. Site is no longer updated.

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Points/USD: 1.83

Entertainment: 28/35   Unless you hate medical fetish and anal sex.
Technical content: 15/25   The video work is decent. The pictures, not so much.
Usability: 9/15   The layout is just a bit wonky.
Updates: 2/25   Site is no longer updated, but the site network is updated regularly.
Date: 2009-05-05
Written by: Graham Stroker

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Concept and Introduction

Heal My Ass is definitely one of the more unique websites. Though there are several fetishes present, mostly involving varying outfits, the theme constant throughout all the content is medical fetish. Additionally, the women are always wearing some form of sheer thigh-high stockings. The models are of varying ethnicities. Both mainstream and alternative women are on the website. And, as the name implies, there is lots of anal sex.


Porn Talk

Heal My Ass sticks to its promise. Medical fetish is in every video and photo shoot. Itís not just costumes either. There is heavy toy usage. For example, anal probes are used quite frequently. That brings me to another point. Heal My Ass couldnít be a more appropriate title. There is lots of anal play in addition to the medical fetish. As I just recently stated, penises arenít the only things going into the modelsí anuses.

While the amount of fetish might deter viewers into more mainstream pornography, the website will definitely arouse people into medical play and anal sex. Even if you are ambivalent about fetish, the large amount of hot anal sex will be very arousing if that is your thing.

Another interesting thing about the website is the amount of comedy. I am not sure if the humor was intended or not. I am leaning more towards the former because some of the facial expressions and costumes are just outrageous. For example, there is a woman dressed as a chicken. I personally thought that was amusing.


Tech Talk

The main focus here is videos. They are set up like porn with plots.

There are two categories of pictures. One category is photo sets. There are less than a hundred pictures in each set, but the action gets quite hardcore. They have a resolution of 449x600. The other is video captures which have even less pictures per set. They are also of lower quality, with a resolution of 200x160. Their purpose is to preview the videos.

The movies can be streamed on the website in a flash player. The full movie can be downloaded in four formats. The first runs in Quick Time with a resolution 360x288 of and a bit rate of 2.03Mbps. The second is a smaller video playable on the PSP or iPod. The third is in MPEG format and runs at with a resolution of 352x288. The last and final format is WMV with a resolution of 720x576 and a bit rate of 2.19Mbps. While that does look good, I have seen higher quality videos.

Additionally, the videos can be downloaded in clips relative to the length of the feature films. These clips are of the WMV format and run at a resolution of 720x576 with a bit rate of 2.19Mbps.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

I really liked Heal My Ass. In fact, I thought it was great as soon as I discovered the sheer wit behind the title. Of course, wittiness isnít a prime reason why people visit porn sites. They visit for the action. The action on Heal My Ass is very hardcore. Itís phenomenal. Thereís fast, rough, and very graphic sex. What I particularly enjoyed was the medical fetish. Iím also a sucker for stockings. The costumes were also great, from the chicken to the nun.

I will say that Heal My Ass is not a place for great pictures. Movies are its specialty. And these are awesome. Not only are the movies reasonable quality, but they are also enhanced with neat affects. For example, when Dr. Schmutz, the male star of the website, is dreaming during one of the videos, the texture is grainy. When he wakes up, everything is crystal clear. The music is done in a superb manner. I really like how there are plots to the films.

A shame that the site is no longer being updated, but there is still 24 scenes on the site.



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USD 29.99 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every period
USD 69.99 3 months / 90 daysNON recurring
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Heal My Ass is the place for people both into anal sex and medical fetish. But donít fret if anal sex is only something that only mildly interests you. There is plenty of rough, vaginal intercourse. Plus, thereís plenty of toy and costume play. The videos are really made well and are sure to arouse any viewer into the more hardcore aspects of human sexuality.

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