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Celebrities On Net is a database of pictures and sex tapes of a long and varied list of celebrities. The database is large, updated daily, and includes real nude pics of stars, the most sought after sex tapes and more. It isn't the most complete celeb site, but for those seeking a real celeb site, not one full of faked images, this should be a decent pick.

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Above Average

Points/USD: 1.97

Entertainment: 21/35   A good mix of real pics, nude pics, candids and sex tapes with a lot of stars represented. But far from the most complete collection and most pics seem kind of old with a lack of the latest paparazzi shots.
Technical content: 12/25   A mix of picture and video formats.
Usability: 7/15   You can browse by content type and by model name.
Updates: 17/25   A few new pics daily.
Date: 2010-10-30
Written by: Jerry Fritz

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Concept and Introduction

Celebrities On Net promises "the biggest archive of nude celeb pictures anywhere". The collection of content here consists of leaked sex tapes, nude clips from movies, paparazzi photos, magazine pictorials and candid shots starring the hottest of Hollywood and other celebs.


Porn Talk

Celebrities On Net isn't as flashy in the members area as it is on its tour pages, but the subdued design is a better one for browsing. It lets you get through the various types of content and the long list of celebrities that the site has online to share with you easily.

The majority of content here is paparazzi pictures, candid pics snapped when the stars are on vacation or out on the town. The other major chunk of content are the pictorials and studio photographs that the stars did for magazines. You will find a good deal of nudity, though certain stars have more of it, some have none at all.

The video collection is an assortment of sex tapes, many of which have been made famous since their leaking onto the internet. Stars like Paris Hilton, and Pamela Anderson have tapes here. There are also tapes of lesser known celebs, and some that the site wonders out loud if they are hoaxes or real. They are fun either way.


Tech Talk

Given the nature of the site and how it gets its content, I wasn't very surprised to find a wide variety of media options. I wasn't very surprised that most of them are only average in quality, either. The site doesn't produce its own material of course, and that's at the root of it. Instead they scavenge on the leaked homemade videos, the paparazzi pics, candid photographs and magazine pictorials they can get their hands on.

As a result, the movies are pretty varied. The alleged Britney Spears blow job movie was a Windows Media file with a 320x240 resolution and a 1.4 mbits/s bit rate. Other movies may vary in size and bit rates. Most are in Windows Media format though.

Pictures come in all shapes, sizes and quality as well. In just one celeb's collection of pics I saw the following image sizes: 1200x2000, 1000x1500, 600x480. The pics are organized in each model's profile by type: sexy, nude, topless, etc but are not in galleries.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

Celebrities On Net is a pretty run of the mill celeb site in many ways but I did like it, and how it does a few things in particular. First there were few fakes. If a celeb has no nude pictures well there won't be any, but you might get some sexy, near topless and side-boob shots of her.

I also liked that they had a lot of sex tapes here. These homemade romps are exciting and probably the most sought-after type of celebrity porn. They have a good variety of them, and they have most of the big and famous ones, like Paris Hilton's and Pamela Anderson's.

Navigation was decent and straight forward, but limited in some ways. Basically your best bet is to either browse through the sections manually or have a celeb's name in mind. They have a large database so you can expect to find pretty much every celebrity in the collection.



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USD 29.95 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every period
USD 59.95 3 months / 90 daysRebills after every period
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Celebrities On Net is a solid site for those that seek real celebrity sex tapes, nude pics and paparazzi scandal photos. They have a large directory of celebrity stars to search and enjoy. With regular updates every day they keep things exciting and fresh.

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