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Our review of CelebritySleuth.com uncovered a wealth of candid and scripted photographs of the hottest celebrity women. There are so many pics, and so many more added each day, that you'll never need to go to the movies or watch rap videos again. Skip the popcorn. Get lotion and tissues.

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Points/USD: 4.54

Entertainment: 24/35   Revealing pics of the hottest celebs.
Technical content: 12/25   Varying resolutions from good to poor.
Usability: 10/15   Easily navigable magazine layout.
Updates: 20/25   Almost 100 pics each day.
Date: 2010-12-22
Written by: Graham Stroker

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Concept and Introduction

Celebrity Sleuth promises pics of the hottest, most famous celeb women flashing, wearing sheer shirts, being careless with their skirts, and being naked unintentionally (or intentionally) in front of the cameras. Are these images real or fake? It's time for me to play the sleuth and find out for you.


Porn Talk

Just to give you an idea of how much content Celebrity Sleuth has uncovered, I will shoot you some statistics: There are currently 500,000 pics of 4000 celebs spanning 15,000 pages of 160+ issues. And these are big name stars and starlets.

Now these famous babes are not always naked in the pics. In fact, most of the totally nude pics are fakes and are indicated as such. Instead, a majority of the images features the women scantily clad, usually during candid moments captured by the paparazzi. These are even hotter than total nudes (especially fake ones) because they were pulled from real life circumstances. There are also screen shots from sex scenes in movies. If you are really looking for some nudity, you can also find pictures from actual nude photo sets.


Tech Talk

Most of the talk here will be about the layout because there are no videos and the pictures don't share a uniform resolution. They are from all kinds of sources and range from good to poor.

Things are far from haphazard though. There are several ways to find the celeb you think is the hottest. You can click on the appropriate letter above the search bar, type her name into the search bar, or look for her name on the main page. Once you are at her page, you can click on as many thumbs as you want and they will all pop up so you can see them better. Then you can enlarge them to their full size. Or you can browse every issue to catch all the hot content.

The main page's far right column offers very critical links (e.g., Most Viewed, Top Rated, Most Rated) that really help site navigation. This is really great considering the sheer number of pics offered.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

One amazing attribute is the indication of fake pictures. For example, there is one in the Megan Fox gallery, and its caption reads "Good Fake Nude." There are numerous celeb websites that almost exclusively present fake pics as real, and that's happily not the case here.

True celebrity fans will really like how the women featured are actually famous celebs and not some Hollywood rejects that wouldn't be put even on a backwater porn site without first blowing not only the director, but also the camera guy. These women are hot actresses, athletes, and musicians like Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian, Lindsay Lohan, Christina Aguilera, Madonna, Avril Lavigne, Jennifer Aniston, Alyssa Milano, and Mariah Carey.

Lastly, the decision to make the website look like a magazine was ingenious. You can read quotes from the celebrities about their sexiest scandals, which are oftentimes right next to the pics in question. This is my favorite celeb magazine.



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Celebrity Sleuth gives you genuine celeb photographs, and if there are any fake pics, the captions say so. From bikini snap shots to silver screen sex scenes, this site has all the hottest actresses, musicians, and athletes you crave. We are talking big names here. So go check it out.

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