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Mr. Skin is “the world’s leading expert on female nudity in film” and calls himself “the idiot savant of celluloid skin.” Our hero tapes and catalogs cinematic sexiness on his site, which is filled with clips and screen caps of clips from film and TV featuring your favorite stars in compromising positions.

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Very Good

Points/USD: 2.44

Entertainment: 28/35   Huge database of movies with nudity/sex plus more videos and pics, lots of softcore.
Technical content: 12/25   Videos look okay, but the pics are all screen caps and thus look rather average.
Usability: 12/15   Fantastic design and navigation, streaming video.
Updates: 20/25   Updated regularly with new content, especially written material.
Date: 2010-02-03
Written by: Joseph

Celebrity, Videos, Boobs, Butts, Softcore

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Concept and Introduction

By now you know Mr. Skin, the self-described “number one source for celeb flesh!” At this point, Mr. Skin is a brand name, one that’s been applied to all manner of product, including this website and numerous books. The dude has appeared on The Howard Stern Show countless times and was name-checked in the hit film Knocked up, so you’d have to be a real shut-in to be completely unaware of the joys to be found on Mr. Skin’s famed site.


Porn Talk

Mr. Skin is heaving with succinct videos and screen caps of famous female folks from feature films (more than seventeen thousand actresses in all!)--the caps and clips in question depict the aforementioned celebrities in all their sexy glory, sometimes naked, sometimes just scantily clad in bikinis and/or undies. Everything on Mr. Skin has been, ahem, borrowed from legit sources, like DVDs, TV programs, music videos and even mainstream movies (fair use laws). All in all, there are over one hundred and eighty-three thousand pics and clips from twenty-nine thousand movies and TV shows! This site is also famous for its extensive celebrity bios, artist interviews and pun-filled reviews; in fact, this is one stroke site that will amuse you with words almost as much as it does with pictures! Can’t say that about too many other porno sites, that’s for sure...


Tech Talk

The text on Mr. Skin may be the site’s best feature, but it’s not the draw of Mr. Skin, obviously - - the visual content is!

Presently, there are more than forty-four thousand videos on Mr. Skin. The videos average about one minute in length and are available in three formats: Flash (in-browser, 800 kilobytes, sized at 640x360), WMV (.wmv, 700 kilobytes, sized at 640x360, downloadable) and H.264 (.mp4, .mov, bit rate unknown, 640x360, downloadable). (Note that only some of the videos are available in the H.264 format.) Video downloads have no DRM (no license restrictions) but do contain watermarks, as do all the screen captures from the videos that are available. The sizes and resolutions of the pictures vary wildly, though they all look kinda crummy, being screen captures and all. They’re also heavily Photoshopped—many are digital collages containing numerous pics grouped together.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

Much like Mr. Skin, I squandered much of my youth videotaping sexy scenes from TV and movies alone in my bedroom, so I can empathize with the man’s desire to catalog this kind of material and I applaud his efforts (his site really is quite extensive). I also think the writing on Mr. Skin is topnotch--it’s genuinely funny and interesting. So, clearly, I have a soft spot for this site. Having said that, I think the visual content on Mr. Skin is inferior to other celeb sites and even printed rags like Celebrity Sleuth; sure, those other sites and mags also contain a great deal of material taken (stolen?) from legit sources as well as shitty screen caps of said sources but they also have sex tapes and candid shots snapped by paparazzi, meaning you’ll see lots of downblouses, upskirts, nip slips and other things that can’t be found on Mr. Skin.



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Mr. Skin is world famous and for good reason: it is well written and impeccably researched, making it an inexhaustible resource for fanatics of famous flesh. Yes, Mr. Skin is certainly the king of cataloging celebrity nudity, but his site is lacking with regards to its photographic content, i.e., the man needs to spice up the screen caps collection with some candid paparazzi shots. Join this site for the reading material and maybe the clips so you don’t have to track them all down by yourself.

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