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The videos here are available in the promised 1080i HD formats - though they aren't quite as sharp as one would expect from the format - and there is a huge amount of content from the last 12 years of updates. The site still adds new clips every day and has just about every celebrity you can think of in the index. There's also a lot of softcore porn here - cinemax type porn - with porn stars. Together they make a pretty good combo here. The site could use better navigation tools, though.

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Very Good

Points/USD: 2.85

Entertainment: 24/35   A mix of nude/partial nude clips from movies and TV shows and softcore porn movies.
Technical content: 17/25   1080i HD movies are great but many movies aren't in HD.
Usability: 9/15   Some basic tools for navigating; streaming as well as download features for movies.
Updates: 20/25   A few clips each day.
Date: 2012-05-31
Written by: Jerry Fritz

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Concept and Introduction

Nitro Video's Nude Celebs is a very large collection of clips from Hollywood movies, TV shows, and softcore pornos that reveal nude or almost-nude celebs as well as sexier porn star moments. The site has been running strong since 2000!


Porn Talk

The library here is divided between two types of content: clips of sexy moments from Hollywood and independent movies as well as TV shows, and softcore porn of the sort you'll find on cable stations late at night.

The first is what the site's built on. These are moments like the famous intense sex scene from Monster's Ball, starring Halle Berry's bouncing natural tits. You'll also find lots of implied or almost nudes - butts, shower scenes with side boobage (Jessica Alba), even clips from Friends where Jennifer Aniston is wearing a short shirt, or showing extra cleavage, can make the cut. It's all real nude moments with real celebs from produced content.

The other content are clips from soft porn - movies like Piranhas and Zombie Strippers which star porn stars naked or fucking, or just softcore porn with very little plot that has probably been on Cinemax at some point late at night, also starring porn stars. You won't see cocks here though (or if you do it is rare) but there is boy/girl sex in the softcore porn especially. It's nice to have this sexier content to spice things up, but it did feel out of place for a site promising "celeb" nudes and sex.


Tech Talk

Nitro Video's library has some of the best media options compared to most other celeb-themed sites. You can download most recent updates in 1080i HD AVI files. They have 1920x1080 screens (7 mbits) and look great, but maybe not quite as sharp and impressive as other traditional porn sites offer. You also have DVD downloads in AVI files with 1024x576 screens (3 mbits) and iPod ready alternatives with 320x240 screens (1.4 mbits). Older movies will not have HD options and will vary in resolution, and these videos make up the bulk of the library.

All movies can be streamed online instantly in their embedded Flash video player as well.

Pictures are actually just stills from the movies, but they are large (1024x576) in most cases. You can look through them online or save the images in a zip archive straight to your hard drive.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

Nitro Video's Nude Celebs has been running an impressive 12 years and they have put together quite the collection of videos since they began. Right now there are something like 130,000 separate clips ranging from a few seconds to several minutes in length. Almost every celeb has been indexed and caught indecent or at least dressed a little slutty in a movie or show. Updates are consistent and constant so things are always growing and changing.

The site is pretty limited when it comes to browsing though. For so much content, more ways should be provided to look through it. You can look up models by name and sort content by popularity but otherwise you are on your own to click through and preview thumbs, or stream clips, to decide if you want to view the whole thing or download it.

Fans only interested in real celebs might also be unhappy with all the softcore porn scenes that really pad the numbers throughout the results. It's about half and half with real celeb clips from movies or shows.



PricePeriodRebillsAdditional Info
USD 4.95 3 daysRebills after every periodTrial. Automatically converts to monthly subscription ($24.95/mo.)
USD 24.95 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every period
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Nitro Video's Nude Celebs is a huge site with a lot to offer. Its mix of softcore porn turns up the heat throughout the library and helps to add some sexual excitement to the real clips of celebs nude or almost nude in movies and TV shows. The newer media options are pretty great for the niche and with constant updates to the library it's a nice pick for fans seeking nude celebs. Just be aware that about half the library is softcore porn of the sort on late night cable stations.

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