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During these uncertain economic times, you don't have to give up porn when there's VideosZ. With your monthly membership, you can see literally thousands of DVDs with some of the most popular porn stars. The quality is high, updates are regular, and the layout is user friendly.

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Points/USD: 2.94

Entertainment: 31/35   Good quality porn productions.
Technical content: 20/25   The newer movies are very high quality.
Usability: 13/15   Navigation is very easy.
Updates: 22/25   Daily sizeable updates.
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Concept and Introduction

Why pay to rent a porn DVD for a few bucks when you can see literally thousands of DVDs for under $30? After all, most of us are watching how we spend our money during these uncertain economic times, and VideosZ gives you probably one of the best porn bargains on the internet. So donít give up your porn when thereís VideosZ!


Porn Talk

I'd say VideosZ is one of the best bargains on the internet for quality porn. There are 5,000 DVDs to stream or download inside the members' area. All of those DVDs translates to around 28,000 scenes, equaling almost 15,000,000 MB of movies! And these aren't just amateur basement porn movies. No, all of the well known and beautiful porn stars are here in some of their most popular movies. True, you won't find the newest released DVDs here, but they're still new enough, and they're definitely enjoyable enough.

Since the DVDs are released from professional porn studios, you get the current technological quality available the year the DVD was released. There are even several parodies on well known movies, such as "Lord of the Rings," only with such porn luminaries as Silvia Saint being her beautiful and hardcore best. Some of the dialog and acting is hokey, but the porn itself is the star of the show.


Tech Talk

The movies are divided into several scenes, laid out with 220x165 thumbnails and description. You can download the scene in Mpeg4 (717.42 MB) or AVI Xvid (407.25 MB) format, or you can stream via Fast (high quality) or slow connection (low quality). There are also dozens of small screenshots for each scene that will give you a good idea of what goes on in that particular clip. These scenes/clips are usually around 20 minutes long, with the full movie being well over an hour.

The very good quality videos open to a 720xt540 sized screen; however, the older videos aren't as clear. A couple of the older ones I watched were from 8 years ago, but they were still decent quality.

I streamed and downloaded several videos. I only had problem with streaming one recent update; it quit to buffer several times. Towards the middle and end of the scene, it stopped a couple times to buffer for a few minutes at a time. I'd say download them if it gets to that point, or pause for a few minutes and watch something else until the whole scene can hopefully buffer all the way.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

With so much content inside, you'd think VideosZ would be a nightmare to navigate. Fortunately, that's not the case. True, there are several links to check out, but it's very straightforward. You can look for the latest releases, future releases, most downloaded dvds and scenes, best rated, etc. You can also look for your favorite porn star or category via alphabetical search or typing in her name or the keyword. Or you can use another search option; there are drop down menus for genres and studios. Each of the movies contains links to where you can find those same porn stars in other productions within VideosZ. I very much like the user friendliness of this site.

But simple navigation isn't the only thing you want in a site... what about content!?! Well, the movies here are very good quality, showing some of the most popular porn stars in fans' favorite porn movies. There are plenty of closeups, some very extreme and hardcore. Plus, the amount of content in here will keep you busy for a long time!



PricePeriodRebillsAdditional Info
USD 3.95 2 daysRebills after every periodTrial membership, recurs at $29.95 monthly
USD 29.95 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every period
USD 59.95 3 months / 90 daysRebills after every period
USD 99.95 6 months / 180 daysNON recurring
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Certified billing: certificate RVWTJW6
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VideosZ is a high quality porn site that offers so much video content that you swear you've died and gone to porn heaven. The DVDs offered are the same professional production movies that are released by the big porn companies, featuring well known porn stars. The updates are regular and navigation is a breeze. I can't see why anyone would want to rent porn DVDs when they can see thousands of DVDs (and save thousands of dollars in the process) with one membership to VideosZ.

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