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Our review of ExclusiveClub.com impressed us. The site offers gorgeous HD movie downloads and very large high resolution photographs of authentic gyno exam fetish material you've seen. The solo posing/masturbating sets that are also included added a nice dimension to the site too. With regular updates and an archive of content included for free, this is a great pick for gyno and medical fetish fans.

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Very Good

Points/USD: 2.54

Entertainment: 31/35   Unique gyno and nurse fetish content.
Technical content: 20/25   720p HD video downloads, sharp streaming video, very large high-res photographs.
Usability: 12/15   Full-length and short clip movie downloads, streaming video, zip files for photos, good navigation.
Updates: 12/25   Seems to be once a week.
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Concept and Introduction

Exclusive Club offers fans loads of gyno exams and nurse uniform fetish content that stars gorgeous Eastern European models. The content here is high quality and authentic, using real exam rooms and medical devices and tools. You'll also find some straight solo girl posing and masturbating, too.


Porn Talk

Exclusive Club is divided into two notably different categories: Exam photos/videos and Solo photos/videos.

The Exam photos are all gynecological examinations in what looks to be real medical examination rooms. They've got real gurneys, real medical tools like speculum, stethoscope and other instruments. The girls strip and are examined in a realistic fashion, though things take on a sexual tone rather than clinical as the scene progresses. They spread their firm thighs wide open, and allow the doc to get his fingers deep into their pink, and spread their pussies wide open with metal and plastic speculums. There are lots of extreme close-ups offered here.

The solo photos and videos also offer some great close-ups. Rarely does the doctor appear in these sets. The girls pose and strip and model their naked bodies. They also finger themselves and spread their pink holes wide open for the camera. The girls wear all varieties of outfits, but few nurse costumes were in the mix. I was really expecting more from the few comments made on the tour pages. I saw a few scenes where the doc steps into these "solo" videos and galleries to grope the babe and get her gaped wide open.


Tech Talk

All of the video downloads come in Windows Media format. The best option is labeled as "HD Quality". These are usually about 600 MB in size and run 30 minutes long from start to finish. They have a 1280x720 pixel resolution and run at a 4.65 mbps bit rate and look fantastic. There are DVD quality downloads as well, which are 640x360 pixels and have 2.03 mbps bit rates. Both formats offer a full-length download but only the DVD quality videos offer shorter clips to download. The last option you have access to are the Flash videos that stream right in your browser window at 640x360 pixel resolutions. The images look good but not as good as the downloads.

There were photo galleries with large, crisp high resolution pictures. These had resolutions of 2000x1333 pixels and had great lighting. The close-ups are very impressive and very large! If you want a look into the tight pink holes of these girls all the way up to their cervix, this is where to get one, as you'll see them in startlingly clear detail. The sets are usually very large with over 200 images each. You can browse through them online or download them in easy to grab zip files that are always provided.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

I was really impressed with Exclusive Club on many levels. The site really seems to know how to please its target audience, namely those into gyno and nurse fetish content. The material is 100% focused on that sort of kink, spending thirty minutes in each episode going through an exam, toying with the girls tight holes and using all sorts of examination tools and devices on her. The solo sets were a little bit more free-form than the exam vids and pics which was nice - - it's surely the more sexual forum of the site, and these European beauties definitely shine in the solo content.

The site is also just managed very well. It has a great design that is easy to browse. You can look up your favorite models, browse by the two main categories (exams and solos) in picture or video format and they even give you access to "The Vault". Here you'll find ten years worth of their archived content - - we're talking a HUGE amount of material. It isn't available in the same high quality formats that the site offers now, but it's still worth diving into. It includes archived content for: The Vault, Nasty Nurses, Look Inside Me, Examination Room, Fetish Fantasy, Naughty Me, Doctor Stories and some solo posing galleries and videos, too.

A spinoff from the site is Old Pussy Exam which exclusively examines pussies of mature women. The site requires a separate membership.



PricePeriodRebillsAdditional Info
USD 29.95 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every periodRebills at $25.95/month
USD 59.95 3 months / 90 daysRebills after every periodRebills at $49.95 every 3 months
USD 99.95 7 months / 210 daysRebills after every periodAfter 7 months rebills at $24.95/month
Payment Processors:
CCBill, Zombaio, Online Check (US Customers only), Pay by EU Debit - Bank Bezahlung


Exclusive Club is one of the best gyno fetish sites online. The site is large, easy to browse and offers hot models examined in very high quality media options. With regular weekly updates and a huge amount of archived material made available this is a great pick.

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