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This review determined that PunkGrl delivers the hottest amateur alternative girls--goth, punk, and emo--on the internet. The videos are in such high-definition formats that they blow professional HD websites right out of the water and the pictures look amazing, too. This is a great website for the alternative surfer. Get more details in the full review.

Very Good

Points/USD: 3.91

Entertainment: 31/35   Hot alt babes in sexy softcore.
Technical content: 20/25   HD videos, phenomenal pictures.
Usability: 9/15   Relatively easy to navigate. Long loading time for thumbs and no zips.
Updates: 17/25   Three times a week.
Date: 2010-01-29
Written by: Graham Stroker

Fetish, Softcore, Amateur, Photography, High-definition, Videos

alternative women, emo, goth, piercings, punk, solo posing, tattoos
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Concept and Introduction

PunkGrl promises surfers high-quality pictures and movies of real alternative women, including those who are punk, goth, and emo. It claims that its exclusive content is updated three times a week and that there are over 110 amateur models online, all of which hang out on the site, write blogs and chat in the forums.


Porn Talk

Searching through the numerous models was a breeze. The database can be sorted alphabetically, by number of pictures, and chronologically. The layout is also very detailed, explicitly stating model and episode information. The models might not be exclusive (I have seen Kitty Cutthroat on another website), but the posted material is.

The photographs are largely softcore. All of the models have photographs, but not all of them have videos. Most have only one image set. Some do have more. Anna Boo has three: "Bed Time", "In the Shower", and "Leather Chair". There are not many videos as of yet, but the website is "adding more exclusive movies of all our punkgirls soon". The videos are also softcore. Both pictures and videos focus on seductive stripping and playful posing, but there are also other themes such as at-the-beach and bath time.

The website is interactive, allowing members to read the models' blogs and participate on the active forums. An option even enables viewers to vote on hopefuls to determine which aspiring PunkGrls make the cut for future updates. This interaction really adds a fresh and thrilling dynamic to the site.


Tech Talk

The pictures look very nice, and not just for an amateur website. The portraits are 1004x1500px, and the landscapes are 1500x1004px. Seriously, these images are phenomenal. Having them zip-packed would be nice, however.

There are three video formats: WMV, MP4, and Flash. The WMVs are 1280x720px and run at 2.58Mbps. The MP4s are also 1280x720px and run at 2.58Mbps. The videos can be streamed in Flash. The particular player (MC Media Player) is very detailed, providing the resolution and bit rate. The streams are 720x432px and run at 1496Kbps.

The website did take a while to load the thumbnails due to the fact that it loads all thumbs before displaying them. Just a heads up.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

I personally don't think they could have chosen a better cover model than Luna from Manchester. She has a face that straddles the line between innocence and dark sexuality. Her lips were painted dark red. She has long, black hair. In the photo, she was naked except for a black thong and matching tights. The crawling-on-the-floor pose just begged viewers to come inside to gaze upon her pale skin. (The cover model is randomized.) I was hooked before even logging into the website, and surfers into alternative women will be, too.

I thought that this website was simply amazing. Almost all of the women did look genuinely alternative. I am sick of websites that try to pass off mainstream or quasi-alternative models as actual alt gals.

Though all the girls here are amateurs, it's worth pointing out that the photographers and directors are true professionals. That means that we get fresh, beautiful alt girls in some exquisitely planned sets of pictures and videos. The lighting, settings and camera work draw out the personality of their girls which, if you read their blogs, you'll get to bask in outside of the content as well.



PricePeriodRebillsAdditional Info
USD 4.95 3 daysRebills after every periodWill rebill at monthly rate.
USD 19.95 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every period
USD 39.95 2 months / 60 daysNON recurring
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PunkGrl makes that other suicidal themed site look like a tennis convention. It features real alternative women engaged in really sexy softcore. The website is extremely easy to navigate and perhaps most important of all the community is active and the models are always hanging around the site. With a great technical quality, too, this site is just a great pick.


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