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Lex Steele is a good quality site for seeing big dicks penetrating the tiny holes of many famous porn stars. The quality of the videos is very good, even during hardcore closeups. There's a decent sized archive built up, and navigation is a breeze.

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Points/USD: 2.34

Entertainment: 28/35   Hardcore episodes featuring big black cocks in tight holes.
Technical content: 17/25   Pictures and videos are good to very good in quality.
Usability: 12/15   Navigation is pretty good. Although we experienced occasional server lag.
Updates: 12/25   Unsure of how often the site is updated, but there's a good sized archive.
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Concept and Introduction

Lex Steele is the official website of well endowed male porn star, Lexington Steele. Samples of his "11 inches of hardcore punishment" are shown in a quick, but in your face, montage of very graphic videos on the tour page. I don't think there's any doubt what this site is all about: female pornstars getting impaled by huge cock.


Porn Talk

If one of the things that turns you on is seeing beautiful porn stars getting totally filled - and then some - by huge cock, Lex Steele won't disappoint you. Lex doesn't have just a huge cock, he also shows a lot of passion for his female co-stars. His thrusting seems tireless, which is probably why he won the Adult Video News male performer of 2000, 2002, and 2003. He stars in some of the hardcore porn videos on his site, although many videos feature other male porn stars. These other male porn stars also have sizable cocks and delight in filling their female co-stars with them.

While some of the other male porn stars are white, there are plenty of black and Hispanic cock in here. So if you not only like seeing big cock filling up female porn stars, you'll also see a lot of interracial action. The videos feature a good amount threesomes as well, so you'll get a double dose!


Tech Talk

There are over 400 episodes you can either stream or download in high speed, in parts, in Windows Media (480x360 at 1.03 mbps) or download the full scene in Quicktime or Windows Media high (720x480 at 3.27 mbps). There's also a low speed option, wherein you can choose Mobile Video (3GP) or iPhone and iPod in low, medium, and high. You can also go low speed in Real Media and Windows Media in low, medium, and high. The video length is as sizable as Lex Steele. The videos usually average around 25 to 30 minutes in length, although some are around an hour long.

Each video has screenshots, which open to 720x480 pixels. The average amount of pictures per gallery is around 50. For the posed galleries, the photos open to 600x800 pixels and are generally pretty good quality. The amount of photos varies; I'd say the average is around 100, with a couple galleries being around 200. Zip download is available for either the screen shots or the posed galleries.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

Once you get inside Lex Steele, navigation is a breeze. On the home page are four thumbnails, each with a short description, to the latest videos and photo galleries. If you want to see more videos, click on Latest Updates, where you'll find all the videos laid out in thumbnails and short description. Not all of the videos star Lex Steele, however. Additionally, the other male porn aren't all black, but they do have sizable cocks.

The videos are very good quality, with lots of closeups. Fortunately, the video quality generally doesn't get blurry for these hardcore closeups - unless there's a lot of fast pumping. Speaking of pumping, each of the videos contains a lot of hardcore pumping into many famous porn stars. You'll see lots of deep penetration, as many positions you can imagination, and lots of acrobatics. There's also double penetration - via both ends, or pussy and ass at the same time. It always amazes me how some of these female porn stars can take such big dicks into their various holes, and they definitely do so in Lex Steele!



PricePeriodRebillsAdditional Info
USD 2.95 2 daysRebills after every periodTrial, recurs at $39.95 monthly.
USD 29.95 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every period
USD 59.95 3 months / 90 daysRebills after every period
USD 89.50 1 yearNON recurring
Payment Processors:
Epoch, CC Bill and Jettis. Credit Card, Phone, Check accepted.


Lex Steele is a very good hardcore porn site featuring big cocks entering the tight holes of many famous female pornstars. While I'm unsure how often the site is updated - as there are no dates noted - there's a sizable archive built up. Navigation is super easy, so you can get to the good quality content right away. The videos are sizable in length (pun intended), and there are good sized photo galleries as well. If you like seeing big cocks piercing tiny spaces, you’ll like Lex Steele.

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