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Lesbian Assault flops in its attempt to present viewers with the unique and underdeveloped concept of lesbian sleep play. Perhaps it is not their fault. Maybe having one seemingly unaware party on the receiving end is just boring. Or maybe the bland video quality and technical problems hindered the project. Whatever the case, this website would only placate viewers who have sleep play fetishes.

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Below Average

Points/USD: 1.41

Entertainment: 14/35   Action is mostly slow and boring.
Technical content: 10/25   Poor lighting and settings; medicore video quality.
Usability: 7/15   Weird links plague site navigation.
Updates: 10/25   One a week.
Date: 2009-02-27
Written by: Graham Stroker

Lesbian, 18-23, Fetish, Butts, Boobs, Pornstar, Videos, Mega-Sites

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Concept and Introduction

Lesbian Assault focuses on girl/girl action. The models are 18-23 year old women that appear to be all natural and in relatively good physical condition. The action takes place in both indoor and outdoor settings. A constant theme throughout the content is that one girl is sleeping while the other experiments on her. Perhaps that is why the website is entitled Lesbian Assault.


Porn Talk

I admit that at first glance I didnít make the connection between the name of the website and the content. However, I did notice that one of the girls always appeared to be sleeping while the other one was sneakily performing some kind of sexual experiment on her. That is a rather unique concept and will probably be intriguing to viewers who have fantasies about seeing sexual things done to unsuspecting, yet essentially willing, people.

That being said, even people who arenít aroused by the sleep play will find the site moderately enjoyable if they are into lesbianism. There is plenty of lesbian action. Toys, tongues, and fingers are used to stimulate. Yet, somehow, the women being played with never seem to be roused from their slumbers. I suppose that just better sates the desires of the audience targeted by such a unique niche.


Tech Talk

There are around one hundred pictures per photo set. While browsing through the thumbnails, the viewer can choose to have them displayed at a small, medium, or large size. The size of the thumbnail will not affect the size of the actual picture. After clicking on the thumbnail, the viewer is taken to the photograph. These pictures usually have a resolution of 671x1000; however, that is not the full image. There is an option to view the full size, which is a massive 1944x2896 pixels. The videos come in clips around 10MB in file size and usually run for about two minutes. The number of clips varies.

These movies are in WMV and run at 480x360 and have a bit rate of 640Kbps. This quality is far below what could be expected from a new porn site.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

While I initially found the concept of one women screwing around with another women who somehow remains asleep during the entire process to be somewhat unique, I ultimately realized that it was rather boring to watch. With only one person actively participating in what could have been a very erotic encounter, the exchange is entirely one sided. Therefore, only people who have a fetish for watching things being done to an unsuspecting, yet otherwise willing participant will truly appreciate the unique concept presented on Lesbian Assault.

Aside from the problems with the concept, I was also annoyed with the technical layout of the material and the website itself. The pictures and videos were amateur to the point of being boring, even if the slow and uninspiring concept was ignored. The lighting is terrible and the settings are bland. Navigating the site was also a nightmare as there were several links that directed me to the general memberís area, when they were supposed to take me to the Webcam and Streaming Videos section.



PricePeriodRebillsAdditional Info
USD 4.95 3 daysRebills after every periodTrial, recurs at $39.73 monthly. Note: Pre-checked cross sale.
USD 29.73 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every periodRecurs at $39.73 monthly. Note: Pre-checked cross sale.
Payment Processors:
Netbilling. Credit Card, Online Check


Despite offering the interesting concept of sexual activities being performed by one girl on another girl who is sleeping during the entire event, Lesbian Assault fails to truly captivate the attention. Boredom is definitely a deterrent to arousal. Iím not sure if the lack of stimulating material is due to the concept itself or the lack of a decent execution on behalf of the website. Regardless, I would suggest looking elsewhere, unless certain viewers have a huge fetish for sleep play.

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