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Advanced functions such as model schedules and in-depth matchmakers give Camsters an edge over other websites. Since registration is free, there is no monthly cost. A viewer needs to only pay for the funds to take models into private. The video seems to stream faster than on other cam websites. Camsters is a great place for people wanting some live action, provided they arenít really into really alternative models or extreme sexual practices such as hardcore BDSM.

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Entertainment: 28/35   Depends on the user obviously, but models were hot and approachable.
Technical content: 15/25   Some models have higher quality video feeds than others.
Usability: 12/15   Matchmaker is neat, but no way to view a complete database.
Updates: 15/25   There seems to be about 50-60 models online most of the time.
Date: 2009-07-28
Written by: Graham Stroker

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Concept and Introduction

Camsters is a live webcam site. Once completing the free registration process a user can browse the site using an advanced matchmaking feature. The models are from all over the world. Both male and females can be viewed. Sometimes there are couples. Taking people into private, however, requires putting monetary funds on your account.


Porn Talk

When it comes to arousal, Camsters is like most other webcam sites because its models do a wide range of things. Some have specific shows that they do while in private, while others prefer to be directed by the viewer or viewers. The amount of arousal is dependent on whether or not there are models online that cater to a viewerís pleasure.

Most of the models are mainstream, although there are some who are into fetish play and alternative clothing. Still, viewers into fetish and alternative models might have a hard time finding someone. This proves truer for the latter because there are a more models that are into fetish play than those who dress alternative, excepting fetish fashion.

The shows can be as hot as the viewer wishes, provided that he or she hooks up with the right model, and last as long as desired or until the funds expire. A user can also view a live nude show, which is a performance, either pre-planned or request based, that multiple users get to see. I took several models into private and they were hot and friendly.

There are photo and video albums accompanying the profile of each model or couple. The number of pictures and videos are dependent on how many the performers have uploaded.


Tech Talk

A webcam site obviously operates in a different manner than porn sites where videos and pictures, not live models, are their primary media. The quality of the streams depends on several variables. First, there are the modelsí webcams. If a model possesses a cheap camera, the quality of the video feed will not be very good. Another variable is the viewerís internet connection. Slower connections will have a difficult time streaming the video at an adequate rate. The modelís connection would also be an issue, but I am quite sure that only people with broadband can apply. Some models' profiles are marked with "HD" obviously referring to the model's cam quality as better than normal. It is obviously nowhere near high def though.

There are pictures inside each modelís page. Thumbnails can be viewed without registering a user name, but only members can enlarged the photographs. It is more common for models to have uploaded pictures, including screen captures from their live shows, than movies. The videos that do exist are streamed as WMVs that have a resolution of 320x240px and a bit rate of 231Kbit/s. They act more as an enticement, although member only videos can contain nudity.

The live feed can be viewed in a normal size (1X zoom) or double size (2X). At 1X the picture is 480x360px. It does have a higher refresh rate than many other places though. There is a significant drop in quality when viewing 2X. This can be remedied by switching to broadband video, an option below the Live Stream. Sound is available on the website, but a model will need to have a microphone and be willing to talk in the first place in order for there to be any verbal interaction. If you are a viewer with a webcam and you would like to cam to cam with models, you will be delighted to know that Camsters now offers such a feature. Feeds appear faster and cheaper than other websites.

Sometimes the website holds special events involving the models. This offers the viewers something particularly enticing to watch. Another nice feature is a model schedule. This lets viewers know when they should be on for their favorite performer(s).


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

I think Camsters is a decent website. The matchmaking option is quite advanced, with four different categories--physical, personality, fantasies, about myself (the viewer)--that can be tweaked. This enables a user to find exactly what he or she wants. The Love-O-Meter shows viewers how well a model is doing. Viewers are encouraged to use this feature to vote on their favorite models. Unfortunately, there is no way that I found to browse through all of the models. All of the online models can be seen after clicking appropriate buttons, but a viewer is unable to search through the entire database and see if there is anyone matching his or her personal criteria without filling out the matchmaking forms. This can be limiting, as well as annoying, to some people, especially those who would make their decisions regarding model choice solely upon physical attractiveness. One way to circumnavigate this problem is to simply leave most of the matchmaker fields blank.



PricePeriodRebillsAdditional Info
USD 2.99 NON recurringPer minute. Prices vary from model to model.
USD 4.99 NON recurringPer minute. Prices vary from model to model.
USD 7.49 NON recurringPer minute. Prices vary from model to model.
Payment Processors:
Credit Card


Camsters is just like any other webcam website. Viewers will have to read models' preferences to discern whether or not they will be satisfied by a show. This is made easier by an advanced matchmaking survey that will pair up a viewer with an ideal model or couple. There is even an option for those who would like to cam to cam with the models as the website now supports such a function as opposed to earlier.

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