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Our review of discovered that it delivers lots of hot models live and straight to your computer screen. There are a lot of different models from which to choose and most importantly they all seem friendly and eager to please their customers. At $3.99 per minute prices may not be cheap, but quality porn doesn't grow on trees.

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Very Good

Points/USD: 2.64

Entertainment: 31/35   Many hot models who all do hot shows and are eager to please.
Technical content: 17/25   Generally great video feeds, including audio.
Usability: 12/15   Lots of categories; mostly informative model profiles; easily navigable pages. Automatic translation of chat messages.
Updates: 17/25   Steady influx of new models and always many online.
Date: 2010-05-25
Written by: Graham Stroker

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Concept and Introduction

Naked is a live webcam site where amateur girls chat and get naked in front of their webcam. It claims to offer the "world's best" in live, Internet-based adult entertainment. Such a claim can never be validated, but we'll see if it at least provides some sexy model performances. They claim that there is a large variety of different types of girls from which to choose.


Porn Talk

As mentioned earlier, offering the "world's best" is a rather lofty promise that could not possibly be validated except by all the porn reviewers in the world. Since I am but one, I can merely say that I think you will find the diverse content offered on Naked to be stimulating.

There are numerous categories: Big Tits, Latin, Foot Show, Big Ass, Asian, 18-22, White, Blonde, Small Tits, Ebony, MILF, and BBW are just a few. The section holding pre-recorded amateur clips have their own categories, too, although there are definite overlaps. Regardless, the focus of Naked is live webcam feeds. The previously recorded videos, whether they are archives or specially recorded amateur clips, are added (and unfortunately not free) bonuses.

When chatting, many of the models get naked rather quickly. They do not waste your time or money. Some of them will try to talk to you, but you can easily tell them to shut up and take out their tits. I don't recommend that literally, though. Speaking from personal experience, the woman (or man) on the screen is a real person just doing her job. If you have the extra money, I suggest talking to your favorite model. It will help you forge a relationship with her. In the very least, it will increase your sexual satisfaction since she will better know how to satisfy you.


Tech Talk

Video feeds are generally around 615x450px. Their size and quality ultimately depends on the webcam of the performer(s). The sound quality depends on the individual microphones. Most of the time, the audio and video qualities are great. At worst, they are only mediocre.

Photographs of the models are available in very limited extent. They are 1024x768px, but sometimes a bit grainy. Clearly they are not the focus - but they do a great job of adding some personality to the model though. Other webcam sites only have tiny thumbnails from previous shows.

Archive clips are are previously recorded shows. Their durations are displayed underneath each thumbnail. You cannot watch these shows without paying the $29.95 monthly fee.

You can purchase amateur clips for $9.99, although some of them are as cheap at $4.99. Before purchasing the amateur clips, you can look at the several thumbnails underneath the selection. Also, you can stream the embedded preview. Once purchased, you cannot download the videos. That is a bit annoying. However, you can stream them an unlimited amount of times from the website. These run in Flash Player and are 600x444px. Like the archive clips, the times of the amateur clips are provided.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

I have known about this site for almost two years since my girlfriend at the time was a model. The site has definitely made some changes since that time. I remember when they first implemented the amateur clips and how frustrated my ex-girlfriend got at the initial versions of the recording software. Naked has come a long way since then, and that is nice to see.

I was quite impressed with the improvements they have made to the website. It's nice to see a company that constantly strives to increase its quality. So many sites in the porn industry have a tendency to let good things go to waste. I like how the site also encourages models to use their sound. So many other sites don't seem to care if their models speak into their microphones. Not all the models at Naked do, but most of them will talk to you, and will do their best to speak English if that is the language you prefer.



PricePeriodRebillsAdditional Info
USD 1.00 CreditsRebills after every periodCredits can be bought in various packages.
USD 29.95 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every periodUnlimited access to thousands of archive clips (optional).
Payment Processors:
No membership needed to chat with the models. Typical price for private sessions is $3.99 per minute. Typical price for Show Mode sessions are $1.99 per minute.


It is still not clear cut whether Naked is actually the "world's best" webcam site, but it is certainly a popular destination for many surfers that favor live pornography. I can easily see why. The models are hot and willing to get naked, there are some nice technical innovations, and there is a sense of community. Aside from a few minor problems, Naked is perfect.

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