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We stepped into review Spy Tanning and check out the 20 different live cams they offer members. These are placed in private tanning booths and beds where unsuspecting customers walk in, strip down and lay back naked to soak in the rays. The cams weren't as fluid as we would have hoped and there is no archived content, but the authentic hidden cameras are still worth checking out.

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Points/USD: 4.68

Entertainment: 28/35   Some exciting and very real voyeur action.
Technical content: 15/25   Cams are clear, but the streaming feeds could have better motion.
Usability: 9/15   Innovative design makes switching between cams very easy, but no archived movies or still photographs.
Updates: 17/25   Constantly streaming cams, always new girls and guys coming and going. Not always a lot of customers though.
Date: 2010-01-20
Written by: Jerry Fritz

Live-cams / chat, Amateur, Softcore, Other, Reality, Videos

hidden camera, live cam, tanning bed, voyeur
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Concept and Introduction

Spy Tanning is a website that lets you tune into 20 different live, streaming web cams hidden in tanning booths and beds. This is a streaming voyeur site for those that like to watch sexy women and hunky men sweat and strip without knowing that their every move is being capture live on the internet.


Porn Talk

I have visited a good variety of voyeur and hidden camera sites, most of which tend to be from security cams or very low quality cameras in hotel rooms, elevators and the like. Spy Tanning is different from those sites both in its setting and its cam quality. Here we're introduced to a saucy small business owner who thought of a good way to generate even more money with his tanning salon business. He's put 3 live streaming cameras in each booth -- one outside of the bed to watch the girls dress and undress and two inside the booth, one at the head the other at the feet.

You won't see anything besides these everyday people coming in and stripping out of their clothes, then crawling into the tanning booth and relaxing. By the time they're done their bodies are sheathed in sweat. It's extremely authentic and I am 100% sure that this is real, live and streaming action -- that being said, I'm pretty sure the clients know they are being filmed. I was watching the head cam inside of the tanning machine, and could see the other camera and its wiring at the feet. There's no way that someone wouldn't recognize that as a webcam. Regardless, its still a lot of fun if not quite as naughty.


Tech Talk

Spy Tanning has focused completely on providing the live cams and nothing else. I found this to be pretty disappointing. There are no archived cam shots (of particularly hot clients or the like) and there aren't any pictures. It'd be nice to have video caps that capture good shots from previous customer visits, from appointments we weren't online to see.

I was also a little disappointed with the live cams. The quality of image is very good for a cam site, but it's not streaming. That is to say, about every second or half-second the image refreshes, so movement is not fluid. You won't miss much, but it'd still be much nicer if the site had fluid motion like other adult cam sites.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

Spy Tanning is a very fun and unique site. I really liked the concept and they even made the design of the site reinforce the setting and scenario we're peering in on, giving us a real sense of place. There's a little blueprint map of the tanning salon and you can click on the rooms to switch cams, then click on your choice of 3 different cams within that room. You'll watch people come in the front door and can follow them back to their booth. Though the models probably know about the cams, no one looks at them, so the illusion that they don't know better is maintained.

The only area that this site could really be improved is by archiving some of the better content (hotter customers) and making the cameras more fluid. Other than that I think this is a site that fans of softcore voyeur content will really enjoy.



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USD 14.95 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every period
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Spy Tanning is a well-run site that operates on a fun concept. Thanks to a great web design, good cam placement and smooth operation it's impossible not to enjoy the pleasures of being a peeping tom here. The site gets my recommendation mostly because of the authentic and very real feel of all the cams they run, something that other voyeur sites definitely lack.

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