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Desiring to watch some Asian sex goddesses? Needing to see some sexual oddities, even if they might be faked? Want to see some intense lesbian and heterosexual hardcore action? Then check out Muffia today! You will get all kinds of hot (and sometimes bizarre) material. Much of the content involves more than two people.

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Above Average

Points/USD: 2.36

Entertainment: 24/35   Diverse hardcore content in multiple niches.
Technical content: 15/25   Video resolutions just shy of 800x600; bit rates could be improved.
Usability: 12/15   Great tag system; easy to navigate.
Updates: 7/25   Not as often as some competitors and not a huge archive yet. In fact updates seem to have been halted as of mid 2010.
Date: 2009-07-30
Written by: Graham Stroker

Mega-Sites, Lesbian, Reality, MILF / mature, Asian, Pornstar, Hardcore, Videos

Muffia, multiple women, site networks
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Concept and Introduction

Muffia is a mega-site comprised by ten individual sites. A short synopsis of each site will be featured in the following section. The content falls within the realm of hardcore, featuring both straight and lesbian material. Threesomes and even four ways are not uncommon. Some episodes end in cum facials. One website is even dedicated to foot fetish.


Porn Talk

Generally speaking, viewers into generic hardcore, whether lesbian or heterosexual, will find Muffia worth their money; however, for user convenience, I will briefly summarize each of the ten sites.

Itís Real features some really striking, and sometimes heavily edited, sexual oddities, which puts it on par with the National Enquirer. Cum Fu is a wittily entitled, predominately heterosexual hardcore site starring Asian women. Mollyís Life is entirely dedicated to lesbian content, including all-female threesomes. My Sexy Life centers around busty porn star Phoenix Marie and her various real world adventures that somehow always end up turning into 2girl/1guy threesomes with some POV filming tossed into the mix. Foot Ville is a foot fetish website that also contains intense hardcore action, including four ways. Kristin's Life is a little like Mollyís Life, except more realistic and not exclusively lesbian and Kristin Cameron is older than Molly. Naked Movie presents pornographic parodies of famous movies. King Dong is about porn stars being drilled by huge penises. In Manuel Uncut, well hung Manuel has sex with many beautiful porn stars, sometimes two at a time. Porn Stars Lick is dedicated to lesbian sex between or amongst well-known porn stars.


Tech Talk

The photographs are displayed individually, but they can also be downloaded in a zip file. Their resolutions are 600x900px. The number of pictures per set varies greatly. Sometimes there are far too many.

Each episode has a trailer that can be streamed in Flash Player. Movies generally run for a little over thirty minutes. Though the types of videos are universal throughout the ten websites, some are not always available. For example, the portable format is not always there.

Full-length movies can be downloaded as WMVs that are 720x480px and run at 1.44Mbit/s. Full-length movies are also broken down into a couple of pieces, each one called a Big Clip. These are 640x360px and run at 1.44Mbit/s. They can also be downloaded as MPG4s optimized for the iPod and other portable media players. These are 720x404px and run at 1.38Mbit/s. The entire videos can also be watched in Flash Player.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

One of my personal favorites was the episode Lick My Latex from Mollyís Life. I loved the clothing and wigs worn by both models. And I liked it when they were naked. Pumpkin Patch, the Halloween special, also left me hot and bothered, until I took the time to address the issue. Another set I found incredibly sexy was Sex Games from Kristenís Life. I really enjoy seeing four or more women strip and fuck each other with dildos. The fact that it was filmed in a realistic manner made the content even more arousing. The lingerie in Porn Stars Lick generally gave me huge erections. I was a bit annoyed with some of the photo sets. Posting all the pictures from a shoot is not a wise editorial decision. When a lot of pictures appear similar, viewer arousal will drop because monotony is a buzz kill. It is unnecessary to post all 500+ pictures. Fortunately, other sites had just the right amount of pictures.



PricePeriodRebillsAdditional Info
USD 2.95 2 daysRebills after every periodTrial. Will renew at 29.95/month.
USD 24.95 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every period
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Mega-sites such as Muffia offer viewers numerous routes to take in their quest for sexual satisfaction, and they are all covered under one price, sometimes evening including other websites in the network. The overall focus of Muffia is hardcore reality based porn, whether heterosexual or lesbian, couples or multiples. It is bound to please the average porn enthusiast and the hardcore connoisseur alike.

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