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MET Art will amaze its viewers with the awesome quantity and quality of its erotic content. Many beautiful women bare it all in tasteful and artistic poses. Sometimes, they will even pose with each other, creating some truly intimate and sensual lesbian erotica. Pictures are not the only media format offered, either; there are currently five-hundred fresh and exciting movies.

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Points/USD: 4.35

Entertainment: 28/35   Tantalizing erotica.
Technical content: 22/25   Simply superb quality pictures and movies!
Usability: 13/15   Customizable navigation; great layout.
Updates: 22/25   Four times a day.
Date: 2009-09-15
Written by: Graham Stroker

Photography, 18-23, Babes, Glamour, Softcore, High-definition, Public-nudity, Videos

18-19 years old, erotica, European girls, modeling, sensual
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Concept and Introduction

This is a classy, artistic-nude website featuring very high quality professional photographs of fresh, beautiful women. Most of the content features one woman posing by herself, but some sets involve two or more. There are also over 600 movies currently available.


Porn Talk

MET Art falls in the realm of erotica with its artistic nudes and tasteful softcore. The image galleries are beautiful and sensuous. The women are generally young, some even 18 and 19, and fit. While beautiful, they tend to look similar to each other. There is not much diversity in their appearance, even with the inclusion of ethnic women. Actually, there are not that many women who are not Caucasian.

The movies are simply exquisite. They are available in numerous formats, which make them quite accessible, even to viewers with slower internet connections. The passion that arises in movies involving more than one woman is almost tangible.

Additionally there is access to a free webcam feed where it is possible to chat with European models as beautiful as the girls on the site. It runs two hours a day every day of the week, is a public room with lots of appropriate rules. Should viewers find the rules too strict, they may remove them by taking the women into private chat where anything goes. Each minute costs $2.50.


Tech Talk

There are three picture qualities. Low-res photos are 1024x683px. The mid-res are 2048x1365px. The high-res are 3504x2336px.

The movies can be streamed online in Flash at either low or high speed. They may also be downloaded. There are numerous formats available. The DIVX movies are 1440x1080px. The portable MPG4 movies for the iPod are 640x480px and run at 1.6Mbit/s. The movies for the PSP are 324x240px and run at 632Kbit/s. The QuickTime movies are 1440x1080px and run at 3.55Mbit/s. The WMV videos are 1440x1080px and run at 9.03Mbit/s. How is that for high-definition? The MPEG movies are 652x540px and run at 1.96Mbit/s.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

My favorite set was Glamour Forever, starring Veronika B. Sabyne A also lit up the images with her intoxicating beauty. I really enjoyed the episodes featuring two or more models. The passion and eroticism captured in such movies and images left me astounded and extremely appreciative of the beauty of female sexuality. I personally would have liked to see more diversity in the models. Tattoos would have been a huge plus in my opinion because there is so much skin on an artistic nude website. Of course, though, other viewers would probably disagree. Yet, with so many models, just having a few women with piercings, dyed hair, and tattoos should not impact the site negatively. Oh well. MET Art is truly beautiful for people exclusively attracted to mainstream women. Though there are numerous Asian women in addition to the plethora of Caucasian models, it would be nice to see more Black and Latina women. The technical quality, however, is absolutely flawless.



PricePeriodRebillsAdditional Info
USD 19.99 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every periodSpecial offer, Normally 29.99 per month.
USD 39.99 1 month / 30 daysNON recurring
USD 59.99 3 months / 90 daysRebills after every period
USD 69.99 3 months / 90 daysNON recurring
USD 99.00 1 yearRebills after every period
USD 109.00 1 yearNON recurring
USD 799.99 Lifetime of the siteNON recurring
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MET Art is a truly fantastic erotica website. Unlike other erotica sites, MET Art has numerous -- currently over 500 -- videos. There are also a decent number of soft lesbian scenes hidden amongst the tons and tons of sensuous images. This is truly a wondrous place for any erotica or softcore fan to register an account.

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2011-04-30 03:39:50
Member for 6 Months

Very beautiful but very boring girls. The most disturbing thing on this website is that most of the videos are being shot during photo sessions. So the models act not for you (not for teasing) but they pose for the endlessly speaking photographer, giving shooting instructions. The rest of the movies are shot either in the kitchen, in bathrooms or in the nature which all are non-erotic scenaries. Also the girls (being aware of their beauty) look very very arrogant, they merely smile (not to speak of looking seducingly) some of them don't hesitate to show demonstratively that they are doing their job just to finish the shooting session, without the slightest ambition to act erotically. Also not few of the videos are made in a sense of pseudo "art" manner, in an effort to create originality - - - but they are nothing but either underexposed or over-backlighted ... it's a horror, it's a perfect catastrophy. You need endless time to navigate the site as there are tons of links which are misleading or they don't have any previews of the movies in capture scenes, and even the video streaming is under poorest conditions, stopping every three seconds... (The servers are also very very slow, for the money they demand they could offer far more better and faster ones!) To resume, if you want beautiful girls, go and subscribe there. But don't forget to take 1-2 Valiums (or any other tranquilizer) - not because of the girls, but in order to keep calm about what I have tried to describe above...

Additional Comment:
Never again!

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