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Want to spend a day with a pornstar? Well here is your chance. And best of all, you can save yourself the dangers and costs associated with traveling. From the safety of your own home (or office, if the boss is not looking), you can see beautiful pornstars shower, try on sexy outfits, and most important of all, go to work!

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Very Good

Points/USD: 3.71

Entertainment: 28/35   Pornstars lead very sexy lives.
Technical content: 17/25   Higher resolutions and bit rates needed.
Usability: 13/15   Great search engine; explicit categories.
Updates: 15/25   Once a week. Brazzers Network updated three times per day.
Date: 2009-04-29
Written by: Graham Stroker

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Concept and Introduction

The premise behind this website is the daily life of a pornstar. Of course, the camera generally follows a pornstar around when she is having an exciting day. Mundane activities, such as going to the gym or taking a bath, are sexualized to enhance viewer pleasure. There is a bunch of footage taken at conventions.


Porn Talk

The pornstars here physically resembled the stereotypical pornstar image. They have highly toned bodies that are enhanced with large breast implants and accentuated by small waists. Their hair is long and either blond or brunette. These pornstars are definitely not teenagers. They are at least in their late twenties. I personally prefer that to women in their late teens. A few have body and facial modifications. Some of the more established pornstars are in their thirties, and it shows on their faces. But there is nothing wrong with a few age lines here and there. All of the women are incredibly attractive, but their beauty is certainly not natural. This may offend viewers staunchly opposed to breast implants. Aside from those people, anyone into famous pornstars will not have a difficult time becoming aroused. Additionally, viewers should also enjoy taking a sneak peek behind the scenes and stealing a glimpse at the personal lives of pornstars. The content is generic, the stuff that would be found in any hardcore film. The unique backstage twist makes everything even sexier.


Tech Talk

There are seemingly endless pictures in each episode. These seriously need to be reduced to only the most interesting images. Not every picture should be posted because it creates an oppressively monotonous atmosphere. There were close to 1000 pictures in each episode. Sometimes there were more. That is just ridiculous and unnecessary, especially when many are too similar to inspire arousal. Regardless, they looked nice with a resolution of 900x600px. Additionally, there is an excessive number of screen captures, which are 640x480px.

A one-minute trailer previews the content. They are almost melodramatic.

The videos may be streamed in Flash. They can also be downloaded in WMV, MPEG1, MPEG4, and iPod/PSP formats. The WMV movies are 640x480px and run at 1.37Mbit/s. The MPEG1 videos are 640x480px and run at 1.92Mbit/s. The MPEG4 videos are 640x480px and run at 1.23Mbit/s. The portable movies are 320x240px and run at 628Kbit/s.

The full-length movies vary in length, but are generally over 30 minutes. They can be downloaded or viewed in Flash in 5 minute clips. These are available in the same formats and have the same resolutions and bit rates. The videos are nice, but I just wish the volume was louder.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

I already expressed my grievances with the photographs in Tech Talk. Fortunately, that issue, as glaring as it may be, is the only one I have with the website. I prefer pornstars to amateurs. I would much rather see an experienced woman. They better command the attention of viewers as they have sultriness and sexiness down to an exact science.

One of my favorite pornstars was Angelina Valentine. She loved tattoos, bondage, and had some pretty dark clothing. She did lesbian content, girl/guy hardcore, threesomes, and gangbangs. I found all her material to be arousing. Then again, I found all the content to be entertaining. I liked seeing what pornstars do in their everyday lives, although I am aware that even the most benign material was sexualized (and sometimes dramatized) to increase viewer stimulation. The trick paid off and I am sure many viewers could spend hours surfing through all the fun, exciting, and arousing material that Day with a Pornstar has to offer.



PricePeriodRebillsAdditional Info
USD 1.00 2 daysRebills after every periodWill recur monthly at $29.95 until canceled.
USD 19.95 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every period
USD 49.95 3 months / 90 daysRebills after every period
USD 95.40 1 yearNON recurring
Payment Processors:
Epoch. Check, Credit Card accepted.


I was fortunate to be able to spend so many days with so many interesting pornstars. Such adventures would not be possible without Day with a Pornstar. Their content is very arousing and extremely fascinating. I was always entertained, and I think that any viewers that like seeing beautiful pornstars go about their daily lives, including work, will have a fantastic time exploring the large amount of material.

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