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Joanna Angel, the alternative love goddess, provides viewers with excellent hardcore material in her own personal style. She has intense lesbian and heterosexual sex, gets pounded in gangbangs, skillfully manipulates dicks and pussies in steamy threesomes, and, when she is all alone, strips and poses in very revealing manners as she plays with herself. This is definitely a website worth checking out if you're into alternative girls.

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Points/USD: 3.35

Entertainment: 31/35   Joanna is a sex goddess.
Technical content: 12/25   Phenomenal pictures; lackluster videos.
Usability: 10/15   Clear labels make navigation easy.
Updates: 12/25   Once a week.
Date: 2010-02-19
Written by: Graham Stroker

Pornstar, Sologirls, Anal, Hardcore, Lesbian, Fetish, Personal-Amateur, Photography, Videos, Mega-Sites

alt-porn, alternative, piercings, solo posing, tattoos
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Concept and Introduction

Joanna Angel is the creator and director of Burning Angel. She frequently updates her blog and makes webcam appearances. The content on her website is explicit hardcore. She performs with both women and men. She just started participating in gangbangs, her first video involving five men. There are some instances of interracial action. She is five feet tall, weighs 100lbs, wears size 6 shoes, and has black and pink hair. Her eyes are brown, and her breasts are a natural 36C. She fits into the generic alternative category.


Porn Talk

This website is not for people who want mainstream women. Joanna, while she does not really fit in any specific alternative category, is certainly not the average woman. She is highly charismatic, has tattoos, gauged ears, dyed hair, and dresses in non-mainstream clothing. Of course, she is not always wearing clothes. What fun would that be?

Indeed, she gets naked and goes to it. She is a wild gal that loves to strip and give viewers in-depth views of her vagina and anus. When she is not alone, she will be pussy-deep in other women. There is also plenty of stripping and boob sucking in the lesbian material. Or, she will be fornicating with men. Sometimes she stars in gangbangs, where she will wield three cocks with the utmost skill, whether in her hands, mouth, vagina, or asshole. Other times, she will have steamy threesomes, where she shows equal prowess in eating pussy and sucking dick. There is even material taken from some crazy parties, such as the Burning Angel anniversary parties.


Tech Talk

The photos are displayed in a java script module which offers navigation like back and forward. The numbers of images in each set range from twenty to one-hundred, with the average being in the seventies. The full-size images are 1536x1024px.

The videos are usually short, ranging around ten minutes, with many being only five. Some are longer, though. For example, her newest gangbang video runs for thirty-five minutes. Such long movies come with trailers that can be viewed in high or low quality.

The full-length movies can be downloaded in high or low quality as well. Both are in WMV format. The low-quality movies are 320x240px and run at 261Kbit/s. The high-quality movies are 640x480px and run at 1.68Mbit/s. Her webcam shows are also archived and may be downloaded and viewed by any members who missed the actual live performance. These clips have the same resolution and bit rates of their respective qualities. Behind the scenes footage can also be found.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

I think Joanna Angel is a very beautiful woman. Her two-tone hair is incredibly sexy. She has a lovely face and a great body. Though I prefer goth women over the run-of-the-mill alternative gals, I have nothing negative to say about Joanna’s physical appearance.

Her website is definitely a thrill ride. The gangbang movie was impressive. I found the mistaken location gag to be rather amusing (she was roleplaying as a lost and not-so-innocent English student). I highly appreciated the intense lesbian content. There was so much of it to explore. The video entitled Joanna and Haley Strap-on simply rocked! The threesomes were wonderful, especially the five parts of the aptly named Threesome episode. I just wish the videos had higher resolutions and bit rates. The photographs, on the other hand, were phenomenal. Some of my favorite shots came from the anniversary sets. I wish I could attend such crazy parties.

There is even a number of similarly themed sites included with a membership such as Burning Angel and other emo and alt-porn sites.



PricePeriodRebillsAdditional Info
USD 19.99 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every period
USD 49.99 3 months / 90 daysRebills after every period
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The blogs, forums, and interviews are a nice touch. I think a strong sense of community plays a key role in keeping members interested. A website can keep churning out content, but without engaging the audience, it will have a difficult time encouraging members to stay for long. Joanna is really a sex goddess. Too bad she could not use her divine powers to improve the video quality.

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