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At NIP-Activity, public nudity means just that: naked women in public settings. They aren't hiding behind fences or in the darkness of abandoned alleys. They walk down streets and go into automobile repair shops. Sometimes they will even stop and talk with by-standers and passers-by. All exhibitionists and viewers who just like seeing lovely naked women will enjoy the material.

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Points/USD: 3.37

Entertainment: 35/35   Public nudity at its finest.
Technical content: 20/25   Great pictures; newest videos in HD.
Usability: 9/15   Wonderful model database; easily navigable.
Updates: 20/25   In average two new scenes per day times a week.
Date: 2009-09-17
Written by: Graham Stroker

Public-nudity, Amateur, Softcore, Boobs, Butts, Fetish, High-definition, Videos

European girls, Germany
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Concept and Introduction

All material is filmed outside because public nudity is the premise of NIP-Activity. The women aren't in secluded areas, either. They are in cafes, public gatherings, flea markets, train stations, and shopping areas. Sometimes the footage is taken while the women are simply walking down the street. In addition to seeing all the hot exhibitionists, viewers can also see the shocked and aroused expressions of by-standers.


Porn Talk

Fans of exhibitionism will really like NIP-Activity because it sticks to its promise of providing naked women in public locations. Hell, anyone who enjoys seeing hot natural women in good physical condition stroll around will really enjoy the material. It can be said that the content is exclusively softcore as there is no sexual action involved. The women simply strip and walk around naked as long as they can without getting apprehended by local authorities. The lack of sex might deter some viewers, but it will really arouse the exhibitionist in all of us. Though the women are predominately Caucasian, there are some who are obviously adherents to one alternative subculture or another. Such diversity is appreciated. This truly fine example of exhibitionism is bound to please all viewers interested in the niche. It will be even better with the inclusion of more high-definition videos. Fortunately, the technical quality of the pictures is already phenomenal.


Tech Talk

The images are fantastic with their 2000x1328px or 1280x960px resolutions.

While newer episodes are arriving in high-definition quality, the revamping might not be retroactive. First, I will discuss the newest episodes. These can be streamed online or downloaded. The FLVs are 640x480px. The MOVs are 1280x720px and run at 4.1Mbps. The standard-quality WMVs are 640x360px and run at 1.29Mbps. The high-def WMVs are 1280x720px and run at 4.09Mbps.

The older episodes have similar formats. Their most noticeable difference is the lack of high-definition content. This means that the 640x480px WMVs become the standard, while a 320x240px @ 547Kbps becomes the lower-quality. Along the same vein, the high-def MOVs are replaced with a 640x480px @ 1.67Mbps MOVs. There are excellent social tools, including a message board and chat room. In the more recent episodes, viewers can also view a map of where the scenes were captured. The well-organized model database makes finding beautiful women easy.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

My favorite model was Ingrida. She had an interesting dyed-black haircut, some nice tattoos, and several piercings. She was definitely alternative. I liked her dark sunglasses and how she started off one of her episodes wearing them, a black trench coat, some sexy boots, and nothing else. Another model I found attractive was Janine. Her bright red hair was really cool. She strolled down the street and interacted with people with complete confidence.

Overall, I thought the website was a fantastic idea. It was cool to see public nudity in a public setting, not in some enclosed alleyway or by a private poolside. As sexy as it was to see the women walking around naked in public, I also found seeing some people's reactions to be just as rewarding. Surprisingly, there were not that many shocked expressions. Either people were trying to ignore the beautiful naked women or were simply not alarmed by nudity. Another nice touch is that each model has a short biography. Viewers into exhibitionism will definitely have a thrilling time at NIP-Activity.



PricePeriodRebillsAdditional Info
USD 24.95 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every period
USD 39.95 2 months / 60 daysNON recurring
USD 49.95 3 months / 90 daysNON recurring
USD 69.95 6 months / 180 daysNON recurringIncludes free DVD.
Payment Processors:
Verotel (main), CCBill (backup)


Many people get a thrill out of walking around naked in public. Many more get a thrill out of watching them, especially if the exhibitionists are beautiful women in good physical condition. True fans of the genre will not fret about the lack of sex. The thrill comes from the sheer fact of watching women walk around naked in truly public setting.

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