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Public Disgrace is a great public humiliation site with very good quality content. The site is new so there isn’t a huge archive yet; however, a new episode is uploaded every week. These updates are good sized, with photo galleries usually over 100 pictures and video episodes averaging 50 minutes.

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Points/USD: 2.70

Entertainment: 31/35   Intense episodes of pubic humiliation.
Technical content: 22/25   Videos are very good in quality with HD resolution.
Usability: 12/15   Navigation is very easy. Videos are offered in clips of several minutes in length.
Updates: 15/25   Weekly updates that include sizable photo galleries and videos.
Date: 2009-02-26
Written by: Tamesin

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Concept and Introduction

You've seen plenty of bdsm and humiliation sites, but Public Disgrace is different. This one carries out the action on the streets of European cities, where the term "public humiliation" takes on a heightened meaning. The women seem to genuinely get off on being displayed and degraded in such a public way.


Porn Talk

I've seen a few porn sites that claim to offer public humiliation or public sex scenes, but they always seemed staged. Maybe it's because passersby all of a sudden drop their pants and start in on the action. Um, not many people would do that. At Public Disgrace, the action really is filmed in public. There's such a mix of reactions by people who happen upon the scene that proves to me how natural it is. You'll have people oblivious to the action, walk quickly by trying to ignore it, or stopping and watching. Even though a participant, such as Princess Donna, encourages people to come have a feel of the current "slut" being publicly degraded, people often decline. I think that's a normal human reaction, because people usually don't happen upon a bdsm sex scene being filmed while they're walking to the store!

The episodes show pretty much the same thing you'd expect to see in the dungeon, only that it's all filmed on the streets of Europe. Europeans are generally a tolerant bunch when it comes to kinky things, and the fact that there's so much footage filmed proves it. If you're into public humiliation, you may want to move to Europe so your chances of coming upon such a scene are increased! Otherwise, you can just enjoy the episodes within Public Disgrace.


Tech Talk

This site just started recently, so it contains "only" around 30 episodes so far, which are laid out in good sized thumbnails and explicit descriptions. Episodes contain trailers, videos, and photos. You can download the episodes as a zip file in their entirety, or you can stream in Windows Media, HD/mp4, iPod/mp4, or Most Compatible WMV. The average episode lasts around 50 minutes, which are divided in clips of several minutes in length. The videos open to a 1280x720 (1.62 Mbps) screen.

Pictures open to low resolution and high resolution and are zip downloadable. There's also the CoolIris/PicLens option, which is a software you can download to make the photos full screen and in 3D. The low res opens to around 533x800 pixels, while the high res pictures open to around 800x1200. Most of the photos actually seem to be screen caps although they look pretty good for screen caps. The amount of pictures varies widely in each photo gallery - from around 60 to over 400 pictures. Generally, it's over 100 pictures in each gallery.

The videos are of very good quality, especially considering they're shot outdoors and not under studio lighting.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

The Public Disgrace episodes can be very intense. The same type of bdsm and humiliation activities that take place within a dungeon are held out in public, where a crowd often gathers. No one seems shocked by the action; rather, they seem curious and some may be turned on. Some people even take their own pictures.

Since this site is new, there aren't many episodes in the archive yet. However, this site is updated once a week, and the updates are worth the wait. You get to see genuine D/s scenes shot in public with cars, buses, and people going by. The stark reality of the setting multiples the kinkiness, eroticism, and degradation of what's going on with the participants.

You can tell the submissives get off on being showcased like sluts. For instance, Jagdelfe giggles like a naughty school girl running around slightly bound and half naked, while Cecilia Vega orgasms almost immediately while being fondled and displayed to a passerby who's taking pictures of her.



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USD 59.00 3 months / 90 daysRebills after every period
USD 99.95 6 months / 180 daysNON recurring
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Public Disgrace is an excellent site for the public humiliation genre. The site is pretty new, so it doesn’t have much built up in the way of archives; however, there’s a new episode uploaded every week. The good quality episodes do a great job of showing submissive women fucked and degraded in a public setting. Additionally, navigation is easy – as easy as these women are in front of a crowd! I highly recommend Public Disgrace for those of you who love your degradation and bdsm mixed in with public humiliation.

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