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Reality Kings offers such a wide variety of content that it would be hard to be aroused while visiting the website. Thereís lesbian action, heterosexual hardcore, gangbangs, and everything in betweenÖ except for things more out of the ordinary. If your sexual fantasies lie predominately within the realm of mainstream pornography, you will find yourself home (or pleasantly lost!) amongst the sheer amount of material on this mega site.

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Points/USD: 4.62

Entertainment: 31/35   Only those with extreme sexual tastes will be unhappy here.
Technical content: 15/25   Amateur, but they are kings of reality.
Usability: 13/15   Advanced search engine. Easy to navigate.
Updates: 22/25   15 a week is impressive.
Date: 2009-02-26
Written by: Graham Stroker

Reality, Boobs, Butts, Pornstar, Lesbian, MILF / mature, Hardcore, 18-23, Videos, Mega-Sites

Reality Kings
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Concept and Introduction

Reality Kings is a network of 26 websites that offers 6000 models. There is a huge variation in content per site, from huge tits to gigantic asses, from women at play in their apartments to women dominating men at work. Both lesbian and heterosexual hardcore action is present. Amateur and professional porn stars of varying ethnicities populate Reality Kings. There are mature women and 18 year olds. There is truly something for everyone, excepting those with extreme, non-mainstream sexual tendencies.


Porn Talk

With over 6000 models and 26 different categories, there is just so much content on Reality Kings that it would be difficult not to be aroused. Nearly every sexual fantasy can be sated by visiting the mega site. Stickler for realism? Then Reality Kings has what you need. Just search for the amateurish sites. Arousal impeded by lack of professionalism? Then youíll love the porn stars on Reality Kings. I know this section is supposed to be longer, but there is just too much content to review here. I highly suggest buying a membership with the mega site and exploring all the material for yourself. Unless you have very out there fetishes, you will find what you need on one of the 26 sites.


Tech Talk

There are nearly 1000 pictures in each photoset. That is a lot. However, it appears that all the shot images were uploaded to the website. This is beneficial on some sites, such as In the VIP, which is dedicated to presenting mass orgies in a club. This gives the viewer plenty of raw footage. The standard resolution on all the sites is 900x600.

There are different types of videos. The mini clips are each one minute long. The entire video can be viewed by just watching these one minute clips, which takes a lot of strain off viewers with slow connections. The broadband streamers run at 480x360 with a bit rate 748Kbps, while the dial-up versions stream at 200x150 with a bit rate of 131Kbps. These can also be downloaded as either MPGs or WMVs.

The regular downloadable movies come in four parts. Each part is around 100 megabytes and runs at 480x360 with a bit rate of 748Kbps. This is the same as the streaming clips, but the videos look nice in Windows Media Player. Just donít view it full screen as it is a little blurry. The full video can be downloaded as well.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

I donít have many complaints. Like I have said in the other sections, thereís just so much material on Reality Kings that almost everyone will find something arousing. I, however, would have preferred fewer photographs per shoot. I like viewing high quality pictures that are different each time. Yet, I understand that so many pictures per set add to the raw feeling. Normally I wouldnít say that, but thereís a lot of action on the website, especially during the club scenes. This means that, despite the sheer number of them, the photographs arenít really boring. But, that is only a minor problem, and might not be an issue for anyone else.

The website also offers personals for viewers wishing to become doers. One can also find a link to a webcam site called I found this interesting because my girlfriend works there. She thought that was hilarious.



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Reality Kings truly are the kings of their domain, which isnít necessarily reality. Some of the women on the sites seem to conduct themselves in extremely professional manners. They are very used to being in pornography and donít seem that amateur. However, there is plenty of amateur material, and Iím not just talking the technical quality. Whether you like seeing huge asses and tits, gangbangs, four women going at each other, or light female domination, you will have such a blast at the mega site.

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