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Though I think that more men than women will enjoy Cinema Erotique, I do feel that the content is quite divine. It is a very fine example of erotica. They could improve upon the number of images in each photoset, though. Other than that, the website will be sure to delight viewers who prefer the erotic over the pornographic. The recent inclusion of high-quality videos is a definite plus.

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Very Good

Points/USD: 1.78

Entertainment: 28/35   Arousing for erotica fans.
Technical content: 20/25   Recent high-quality movies a big plus; amazing photographs. Older videos are poor quality.
Usability: 10/15   Hard to get lost; detailed model database.
Updates: 12/25   Updates, but no schedule or time stamps provided. More work goes into each movie though than the average porn scene.
Date: 2009-08-10
Written by: Graham Stroker

Videos, 18-23, Amateur, Fetish, Hardcore, Lesbian, Spanking, Other

European girls, movies with a plot
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Concept and Introduction

Cinema Erotique presents erotic videos, photographs, and strip teases for men, women, and open-minded couples. The dramatic scripts are completely original. Both the films and musical numbers are composed and directed by Cherry Chapman. There are also erotic sex stories. In other words, Cinema Erotique is dedicated to providing viewers with sex-saturated movies.


Porn Talk

I have elaborated upon the difference between the pornographic and the erotic many times before, so I will not recapitulate the definitions again. I will say that viewers who like content devoid of love and intimacy, or those who prefer plots that are sex over plots with sex will not enjoy Cinema Erotique. That is not to say the content is neither sensual nor sexual--it certainly does provide some excellent masturbatory material and backdrops for sexual activity involving more than one person; however, a lot of the content, especially the photographs, are artistic and incorporate many elements of professional modeling. The Peepshow section is filled with slow, sexy, and stimulating strip teases. In addition, there are some aspects of fetishism. Spanking is quite prevalent, but is by no mean the basis of Cinema Erotique.

Viewers that love erotica will definitely enjoy the website. Couples that find pornography distasteful, but would like to use sexual content to spice up their sex lives, could benefit much from Cinema Erotique as its focus is on both intimacy and sexuality.


Tech Talk

The full-length movies have a runtime averaging thirty minutes. They can be downloaded for Windows Media Player or QuickTime. The WMVs come in high and low res. For most of the movies, high is 640x360px and runs at 2.06Mbit/s, low 512x288px at 1.10Mbit/s. The MOV is 512x288px and runs at 1.98Mbit/s. That doesn't sound too impressive and frankly they don't quite live up to the site's goal of high quality movies. Viewers will be delighted to know that the newest 7-8 movies come in very good quality at a whopping 1024x576px @ 2.31Mbps, which look brilliant. I would wish all the older movies could be re-encoded like that.

A few screen captures accompany each movie. These are 600x399px. The Trailer section features movie previews that stream in Flash. Similar to the Trailer section, the Premiere section highlights the most recent movie.

The striptease videos also come in high-res and low-res WMVs and a MOV. The high-res is 640x360px and runs at 2.06Mbit/s. The low-res is 352x200px and runs at 496Kbit/s. The MOV is 1024x576px and runs at 1.76Mbit/s. These videos are between three and five minutes in length.

The landscape photographs are 1500x1004px. The portrait ones are 1500x2241px. Their quality is simply beautiful. There are around ten images in each set. This may very well disappoint viewers used to more content, but just try to focus on the erotic content.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

I think that the only women who will like the photograph section are those who like looking at other women. The images galleries are purely softcore and are completely devoid of men. The heterosexual hardcore videos are more suitable to women and couples. Even then, the videos heavily emphasize lesbianism.

I rather enjoyed the photoset called Four Colors. I am a sucker for striped tights. I enjoy panties and tank tops. I liked how their clothes came off slowly, yet their tights still remained. There were a few shots of them with their panties down but not off. I found those to be quite arousing. The corset and panties worn by Leanna Sweet in her set were simply exquisite. My favorite film was Dark Fantasy. It was about BDSM. The star of the movie has quite the masochistic fantasy. It was quite a nice show. The sacrilegious aspects of Butterfly were hilarious.



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USD 30.00 14 daysRebills after every periodRecurs at $10.00 per 60 days.
USD 40.00 1 month / 30 daysNON recurring
USD 50.00 3 months / 90 daysNON recurring
USD 60.00 6 months / 180 daysNON recurring
USD 90.00 1 yearNON recurring
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In sum, Cinema Erotique is an erotica website geared towards all people, not just men. The sensual content is arousing and intimate, sexy and deep. It would definitely be the ideal material for most couples desiring to watch something arousing while making love. There are other interesting features, such as behind-the scenes footage and sexy stories. Viewers should definitely not be bored with all the website has to offer. Fetish and spanking can be found, too.

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