About Porn Reviews

On PornReviews.com we have worked long and hard to develop what we think is the best review format. Here you can read all about the different parts that each review contains.

Text sections

Each review is divided into sections where you can jump right to the part or parts that are most important to you. Read about that specific aspect of the site - or you skip it if you aren't concerned about that aspect of the site.

A review consists of the following sections

Concept and introduction

A description of the pay site. Mentions the site’s concept and premise and basically let’s the reader decide if this site is going to appeal to his taste or not.

Porn talk

Semi-objective section, where the actual content on the site – videos, pictures, chat etc. is discussed. How well does it manage to turn the viewer on? And does it stick to the theme described in Concept and introduction?

Tech talk

Objective section that describes the technical quality of the site and its content. Including picture/video resolution and bit rates as well as formats used. Should also include other information that might be relevant to the porn consumer who is concerned about the technical quality of porn.

Small talk and personal opinion

This is the more subjective part of the review, where the writer's personal impression and opinion of the site comes into play and is expressed.


Subjective summary of what was discussed in the previous sections. Does the site overall deliver what it sets out to do? And all things considered, is it a site worth joining and for whom?

Mini review

Another way of getting a quick overview of the reviewed site and its good and bad features. It catches up on the most important aspects of the entire review and should be able to give an impression of the site without reading the rest of the review.


Overall score

The overall score will consist of an integer from 0-100 – i.e. a score could be 83 or 59 etc. A predefined text label is attached to each score interval according to this list:

91-100Extra ordinary
71-80Very good
56-60Above average
41-45Below average
21-30Very poor
0-20Extremely poor

It is the intention to use as the complete scale and that (if all existing porn sites on the internet were included) the average of all reviews would be 50. In practice the average is higher due to the fact that many of the sites reviewed, will be considerably better than average and the poor sites will avoid getting reviewed.

Individual scores

The following individual scores form the basis for the overall score. The overall score is a calculation based on the 4 individual scores, each reflecting a certain aspect of the site:

  • Entertainment
  • Technical content quality
  • Usability
  • Updates

For each of the above scores, a pre-defined text label is attached to the score much like the overall score:

  • Extra ordinary
  • Excellent
  • Very good
  • Good
  • Above average
  • Average
  • Below average
  • Poor
  • Very poor
  • Extremely poor

Again it is the intent to use the full scale and that if all existing porn sites were reviewed, the average score would actually be average.

Individual scores described

To most readers, this will be the most important individual score. The score is intended to evaluate how "good" the actual porn is – with no regards to technical aspects, which are judged later. It is simply the content’s ability to turn the viewer on as well as its ability to deliver the kind of porn it sets out to do, based on the previews, tour and other promises.

Technical content quality
An evaluation of the content’s technical quality. The technical quality needs to be at a level adequate enough to present the content in an acceptable manner. The ideal is of course full HD video. But take into consideration that resolution is not everything – a 1920x1080 video at 3 mbps bit rate can look much worse than a 720x576 video at 2 mbps bit rate and make the last one the best choice.

An evaluation of how well the average viewer is able to use and navigate his way around the site and find what he is looking for without unnecessary hassle.

Important positive aspects are things like downloadable zip files for pictures, complete downloadable movies in one piece.
Negative aspects are attempts to prevent users from saving the site’s content. A specific example of a negative aspect for a DVD Archivesite would be to only provide downloads of a full 90+ minute movie without any division into scenes or other form of preview options.

And evaluation of the regularity and amount of updates. Depending on the type of site, updates should occur at a set interval. Daily updates are the ideal situation, but here is a rule of thumb:

  • Extra ordinaryMore than 3 updates per day
  • Excellent2-3 updates per day
  • Very good1 update per day
  • Good4-5 updates per week
  • Above average2-3 updates per week
  • Average1 update per week
  • Below average3-4 updates per month
  • Poor1-2 updates per month
  • Very poorLess than one update per month
  • Extremely poorNever updated

Quick Facts

A new feature is a number of yes/no selections that quickly give an overview of a site’s features.

The quick facts are:

  • Downloadable movies
  • Streaming movies
  • Flash player
  • High definition movies
  • Pictures (non-screenshots)
  • Zip packed pictures
  • Primarily exclusive content
  • Primarily non-exclusive content
  • DRM protected videos
  • Part of site network

Downloadable movies
If movies can be downloaded to a computer’s hard drive and viewed again at a later time (as opposed to streaming only)

Streaming movies
If videos are available to view directly on the site without having to download anything to your hard drive. A site can contain both downloadable and streaming video options.

Flash player
Related to streaming movies – selected if the streaming movies are available in a Flash player (typically looks different from the Windows Media Player interface)

High definition movies
Selected if a majority of the movies are available as High def. Don’t just trust the site’s claims. Check by selecting File -> Properties when viewing the video in Windows Media Player. Only if the resolution is either 1280x720 or 1920x1080 it is high definition.

Pictures (non-screenshots)
Selected if pictures are available on the site. The pictures cannot be screenshots and cannot only be viewable by a Flash presentation, where you cannot actually save the picture itself.

Zip packed pictures
Selected if the picture series are available to download in a single zip file.

Primarily exclusive content
If a site primarily contains content that is ONLY available on this site alone, it is known as exclusive content. For example a DVD archive site does not contain exclusive content since it is available many other places as well.

If a site contains primarily licensed content (content that is available on several different sites) it will be shown as negative.

DRM protected videos
No longer a common sight, but a DRM protected video will open in Windows Media Player and ask to download a license and afterwards ask for login details. This enables the video producer to control how long a member is able to view the video. DRM is only possible to use on .WMV files and if a file is DRM-protected, you will notice it the first time you play the video. For example MPG or AVI files cannot be protected by DRM.

Part of site network
If a site has one or more sister sites that come with the membership, this option is selected. The bonus site(s) need to be REAL sites (i.e. sites that have their own domain, and that you could otherwise buy a membership to). For example Hot Bushis part of the Reality Kingsnetwork and Big Tits in Sportsis part of the BrazzersNetwork.


Tags are keywords that somehow describe the reviewed site. In general a tag is something that is not quite broad enough for a separate category. Category labels like for instance Latina Pornstarand Interracialare not be used as tags if the reviewed site is already in that category.

You can use tags to find sites that may not be in the same category or have any other relation except that certain tag. For example the tag close-ups could list several sites that have that particular thing in common.

For example a site that has a lot of content with lingerie, close-ups and British models would get the tags ‘lingerie’, ‘close-ups’ and ‘British models’. And a site with reality video content about nurses and doctors could get the following tags: ‘doctors’, ‘nurses’, ‘hospital’, ‘medical exam’ etc.


We have come up with a unique and alternative way to find the best value for money. We do a simple calculation of how well a site scores compared to its typical price for a monthly recurring membership. The points/USD is simply the overall score divided with the monthly price in US Dollar. This gives a hint of where you get most for your money. The higher this number is, the better.

For a list of the sites with the most points per USD, check out our list of best porn buys

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions about how we review sites, please contact us