Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

How can I cancel my membership?

When you sign up to any pay site, you will often receive an email confirming your membership, but also with your username, password and information about where you can keep track of your membership and cancel it.

Should you not have that information, you can often find a link to cancel your membership on the site you joined. Alternatively you can check your credit card statement for information about which payment processor is billing you. Then go to their website and follow their instructions to cancel your membership or contact their customer service.

Here is a list of links to the most common payment processors:
Verotel/Tickets Club support
CC Bill support
Epoch Support

As a last resort, contact your bank and ask them to stop the billing.

How does a trial membership work?

A trial membership is a short-term membership typically for 1-5 days for a low amount of money such as $1.95 or $4.95 etc. This enables you to check out the site and see if it is anything for you without buying an entire month's membership.

However we advise that you do not sign up to trial membership unless you know exactly what it is going to cost you and how you need to cancel it if you don't like the site.

Trial memberships always recur automatically on a monthly basis unless you cancel it. And the monthly rate is often higher for trial memberships that if you signed up for a regular monthly membership. It is not unusual to see monthly prices like $39.95 for a trial membership for a site which would normally cost $29.95 monthly.

Another aspect to consider is that trial memberships are often limited in one way or another - for example some sites only provide streaming videos or low quality video options to trial members. There can also be a download limit to prevent trial members from downloading the entire site.

So consider all these aspects before you sign up for a trial membership.

Why won't my video play?

The video file may either be corrupt (try downloading it again) or require a special video codec. You can download

What is DRM (Digital Rights Management)?

DRM is a way for webmasters to copy protect their video content and can be applied to WMV files (not avi, mpg etc.)

It means that you can only view the video as long as the webmaster has decided. This could for example mean that when you are no longer a member of a site, the DRM protected videos you have downloaded become unplayable.

For more information about DRM, please refer to
Microsoft's DRM FAQ

I have a question for you, how do I reach you?

Please contact usvia this form and we will try to answer your question.