Amateur Reviews

The term amateur is defined as someone who does something he or she is not trained in or paid for. So when combining amateur with sex, we get what's known as the real thing. And as we all know reality frequently surpasses imagination, also when it comes to porn.In amateur porn, it's not about getting 10 layers of makeup in place for a shoot or positioning the camera and lights just right, it's about true sex and passion.

Club Flashers

While the content of Club Flashers is hot and steamy, the manner in which is conveyed leaves a lot to be desired... Read more

The Swinging Granny

The Swinging Granny is a 62-year-old and retired wife that lives in Florida and loves to have sex with her husband and other couples... Read more

Latina Team

You're missing out if you're only looking at latina sites with girls from LA and Miami. Latina Team goes much further south to find real amateur girls in South America to get naked and fuck in their movies... Read more

The Mandingo Mama

The Mandingo Mama is an amateur site featuring a black cock loving granny / mature milf who loves showing her interracial sexual adventures. The action itself is very hot, with plenty of closeups... Read more

Teach My Ass

Teach My Ass features anal fetish movies with POV ass fingering and masturbation, followed by the girls' first ever anal sex... Read more

Anal Drive Way

This is intense anal sex as wild as you've ever seen it... Read more

Emo GF Sex

The site is new so it isn't very large yet, but with no dates on any of the content I couldn't tell if they are updating the new library at all... Read more

Party Wild Naked

Read our Party Wild Naked review for more details on the 62 medium quality movies and galleries that document the drunken flashing and lesbian sex happening at Mardi Gras and Spring Break parties... Read more

POV Invasion

This site gives you an almost virtual experience, filming everything from the point of view of the big cock getting sucked, fucked, and begged for cum... Read more

Sarah and Melli

The site has a collection of galleries starring one or the other of the girls in each. Sarah is athletic and slim and Melli is curvaceous and has big natural tits... Read more

Anal Euro

Anal Euro brings you a healthy and willing group of petite 18 year old European girls, and in each of their HD scenes they have their buttholes played with and penetrated by big dicks in exciting anal scenes... Read more

Channel 69 VIP

Channel 69 VIP is a large and varied collection of niche porn sites. The site suffers from a few major hang ups that really get in surfers' ways, though... Read more

Sexxy Brandon

Brandon Areana is a voluptuous, Native American amateur porn star that just loves to satisfy her viewers. She also likes to satisfy and be satisfied by her stunt cock... Read more

Gag The Bitch

If these girls were expecting to be wined and dined and treated like a princess, they've got a very rough wake up call coming! Gag The Bitch features rough scenes where girls are taken, dominated, and force-fed big ha... Read more

Hot Teens HD

The site is pretty big but doesn't seem to update any longer (they no longer list the dates on videos and galleries)... Read more

Busty Robyn

Our review of found that while Robyn is a cute girl, she doesn't exactly produce the most engaging material. More stripping and more content would help... Read more

Premium GFs

Premium GFs doesn't quite make a premium collection of porn, but it does make a very big one. I counted over four-thousand updates at the time of my visit, and they are updating regularly... Read more

Ginny Gold

Amateur girls come to our screens with a little bit of nervousness attached. That makes them more exciting, and maybe it's because we know they are not seasoned professionals yet, so the enthusiasm is still there... Read more

Behind The Towel

Iceman, Sparky, Jericho, and Smooth Rider know how to show the ladies a good time with their sexy stripping supplemented by costumes, body oil, whipped cream, and sensual lotion... Read more

Busty Megan

Busty Megan is great in terms of content. It's nice in regards to technical quality, too. It also delivers true amateurism. Unfortunately the site isn't very large and doesn't seem to be updating... Read more

Kaylee Rain

Our review of found that Kaylee, while an attractive woman with a nice body, can sometimes produce some rather droll content... Read more

Flexi Angels

Our review of found that it wasn't particularly arousing if you want to see naked girls. The concept would have definitely been hotter if more women showed their skin... Read more

I Love Black Girls

The hardcore action is intense and raunchy. Classiness is a million miles away from this gutter. Viewers that love down and dirty hardcore material should be well pleased... Read more

San Diego Latinas

Viewers would do well to avoid San Diego Latinas. Anybody that enjoys seeing pornographic images and videos of Latinas should search for a better website... Read more