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ATK Exotics contains hot, exotic amateur pictures and videos of women that love to strip, pose, suck, fuck, and use toys. There are also other niches, such as foot fetish and water sports. While the equipment involved is not of the highest grade, it certainly does the job nicely while making the website look amateur at the same time.

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Points/USD: 2.70

Entertainment: 28/35   Lots of variety within the exotic niche.
Technical content: 20/25   Pictures look fine although slightly lower compression would do wonders. Video quality varies, but is good overall.
Usability: 10/15   Superbly advanced search engine. Videos lack structure.
Updates: 22/25   5+ daily photo or video updates.
Date: 2009-06-10
Written by: Graham Stroker

Amateur, 18-23, Latina, Asian, Ebony, Interracial, Babes, Lesbian, Photography, Hardcore, Mega-Sites, Videos

ATK, exotic women, native American, thick women
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Concept and Introduction

ATK Exotics specializes in giving viewers amateur pornography starring exclusively women who are exotic from a westernized Caucasian viewpoint. There are over 1,400 Black, Native American, Asian, and Indian models, as well as Pacific islanders and Latinas. There are 950,000 images and hundreds of videos. Foot worship and hairy vaginas can also be seen in their respective sections. The content takes place both inside and outdoors.


Porn Talk

Many viewers will find ATK Exotics to be very refreshing. All too often amateur websites feature predominately Caucasian women. The material database is not paltry, either. There is just a ton of arousing pictures and movies. The models are definitely amateur when it comes to pornography, although sometimes they will pose in a manner that cries past modeling experience. The content is uninhibited by poor technical quality. The models are generally in good physical condition. There are thick models. I actually like thick models. But thick does not mean fat. At times, fat models are labeled as thick. The models generally undergo a routine: stripping, posing, and then masturbating. In the case of girl on girl and blowjobs and heterosexual hardcore, the latter step is replaced by lesbian sex and sucking and fucking, respectively. The hot content is made sexier by the inclusion of various niches, such as pregnancy and water sports.


Tech Talk

There are numerous pictorial episodes. There are around 100 per set. They are 398x600px, 531x600px, 664x1000px, or 1536x1024px depending on what quality selection the viewer makes.

The movies are between 10 and 15 minutes long. They come in two formats: WMV (720x480px @ 1.64Mbit/s) and MOV (720x480px @ 1.63Mbit/s). I experienced an abysmal download rate of 400KB/sec that finally crawled up to half a megabyte. This might not seem that slow, but let me assure any skeptics that I hav previously downloaded 800MB files from other sites faster than the 200MB ones on this website.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

My favorite model was Martine. She is a Native American. I generally find Native Americans to be quite attractive, and her beauty was exceptional. I was also taken by her alternative dress style. In one particularly shoot she wore an awesome spiked choker, a black tank top, a short plaid skirt with tow bondage straps, and sexy, bright red, latex heeled boots. Her long nails matched the boots. Her makeup was simple yet bold. Her long, thick braids were very sexy. Various rings and bracelets accentuated her outfit so that she shined even more when naked (except for the killer boots). Her poses emanated energy, making it was obvious that she had prior modeling experience.

I enjoyed the rest of the website, and I believe that viewers into women that are exotic from a Caucasian viewpoint will too. My only complaints are directed towards the slow download speeds and the fact that sometimes the website equips thick to fat.



PricePeriodRebillsAdditional Info
USD 29.99 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every period
USD 49.99 2 months / 60 daysRebills after every period
USD 64.99 3 months / 90 daysRebills after every period
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ATK Exotics is an excellent website when it comes to offering amateur women considered exotic from a Caucasian standpoint. The amateur action is actually amateur, yet does not suffer from abysmal technical quality. There is a lot of variation in the content, and more is added every day.

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