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Craving something truly unique, even in the erotica world? Well look no further than Beautiful Agony. Viewers will only find the footage filmed from the neck up of people masturbating simultaneously captivating and arousing. It is a truly wonderful concept, something that should be explored in more detail. Fortunately, there is an abundance of content at Beautiful Agony. Go check it out right now!

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Very Good

Points/USD: 5.35

Entertainment: 31/35   The true beauty of an orgasm.
Technical content: 15/25   Nice video quality despite relatively low resolution and bit rate.
Usability: 10/15   Navigation somewhat clunky and not flexible.
Updates: 22/25   No dates noted, but estimated one new update per day. Currently over 1800 videos.
Date: 2016-06-15
Written by: Graham Stroker

Amateur, 18-23, Other, Softcore, Videos

facial expressions, non-nude, real orgasms, solo masturbation
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Concept and Introduction

Beautiful Agony is a very unique concept. It focuses on both men and women having an orgasm. Doesn't sound unique? Isn't that what erotica and porn is about? Well, the footage is filmed exclusively from the neck up. All that viewers see is the people's faces. Sound boring? Well, it shouldn't. As the website describes it: the face is "where people are truly naked". Content is generally filmed inside on a bed with a pillow as the background.


Porn Talk

Beautiful Agony is truly an exquisitely divine experience. The website does well in sticking to its promise. Nothing else occurs but natural, real orgasms that viewers can witness only from the neck up. What is really arousing is that the women and men are really masturbating; viewers can see it on their faces. The quotation in the introduction does not lie. The biggest giveaway to artificiality in porn, aside from unnatural moans, are facial expressions. Most people do not simply open their mouth, go "SSSS", and moan "Oh yeah" when masturbating. Their entire face writhes in waves of ecstatic pleasure. The eyes close tight as the explosion draws near. When the orgasm arrives, the pleasure of the loins is mimicked on the countenance. All of these facets can be seen in these wonderful films.

However, this truly unique and beautifully constructed website will not be for fans of artificial porn, or for viewers who are less concerned with faces.


Tech Talk

The content on Beautiful Agony is exclusively in video format. The scenes are usually around five minutes in length, with some being shorter or longer. These can be downloaded or streamed online and I personally found that Internet Explorer worked better for this over Firefox.

The streaming formats run in QuickTime or Windows Media Player. Each has the same two qualities: high (640x480 @ 800kbps) and low (320x240 @ 300kbps). Prior to video #0751, the high quality was 416x312 @ 450kbps. Additionally, some archived videos may not have high quality formats, which is understandable because there are so many clips. In fact the number of masturbation sessions is currently at 1,835!

Accompanying each scene is a confessional video about the people's masturbation habits and why they chose to have them filmed. These run at a lower quality than the regular videos.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

I really appreciated the concept. It was pretty fascinating to watch people's faces as they pleasured themselves. I liked the fact that the website did not discriminate against the submissions. There were men and women; old, young, and in between; multiple nationalities and ethnic groups; mainstream and alternative; piercings and plain.

This was truly a unique experience for me as I have never reviewed such a website prior to this one. I found it especially interesting because I always like watching my girlfriend's face when she orgasms. Plus, I like faces. They say more about a person than any part of his or her body, and I find them much more interesting than breasts, vagina, and buttocks. Though I do like those parts, the face is where the emotions are conveyed, where viewers can watch the pleasure of an orgasm unfold in a measurable and arousing amount. I think people especially into erotica will find Beautiful Agony delightful.



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USD 29.95 3 months / 90 daysRebills after every period
USD 99.95 1 yearNON recurring
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The French phrase "Facettes de la Petite Mort", which roughly translates to "Faces of the Small Death", appropriately subtitles Beautiful Agony. The small death, of course, is the human orgasm. There is a wealth of content, all of it dedicated to showing viewers the ecstatic faces of both men and women during their masturbatory sessions. It is beautiful. It is erotic.

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