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Broke Amateurs delivers uncut, uncensored (obviously - it’s a porn site), real sex to viewers. No where will anybody find an ounce of glamour or talented modeling. There also are not any pictures. Broke Amateurs cares about movies. Viewers into professional pornstars or still media should look elsewhere; however, those who are completely blown away by realistic sex, including gangbangs, cream pies, and cum facials, should definitely give Broke Amateurs a look.

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Points/USD: 2.33

Entertainment: 31/35   Lots of hot amateur action about as authentic and uncut as it gets.
Technical content: 15/25   Decent quality videos, although somewhat dark at times. But it is for the sake of amateurism.
Usability: 10/15   Simple design with basically one huge list of updates means easy navigation. But no sorting or search.
Updates: 12/25   Once a week. Large number of existing updates though.
Date: 2009-07-17
Written by: Graham Stroker

Amateur, Blowjob, Anal, 18-23, MILF / mature, Hardcore, Videos

authentic amateurs, facials, gang bang, interviews, POV
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Concept and Introduction

This website features women who are supposedly true amateurs. They are probably not in any other scenes except the ones featured on Broke Amateurs. The stars include “everyday girls, teachers, secretaries, college students, [and] sorority girls”. The site's own description states that some of the models are “below average looking”. The website creators would much rather feature such women than “established porn girl[s]” presented as amateurs. The action is very diverse. There are both teens and mature women.


Porn Talk

Broke Amateurs has arousing content for a wider range of viewers that prefer watching amateur pornography. The material is extremely raw. There is nothing fake or professional about these women. Without any previous porn experience, the models are there to fuck, suck, and make some money. This will be much to the satisfaction of viewers craving genuine amateur content.

As mentioned previously, there are young women (18+), including those in their late teens. There are also older women, including MILFs. This wide age range increases the target audience. The addition of spanking in some of the scenarios will give people into fetish something to watch. Viewers into vaginal and anal cream pies will be delighted to find that some scenes contain just that. The models also take plenty of cum shots to the face after sucking cock. Other times, they simply swallow the hot loads.


Tech Talk

The videos come in two versions: high resolution and low resolution. Both are in WMV format. The low res is 320x240px and a bit rate of 521Kbit/s; the high res 720x480px @ 1.58Mbit/s. The movies are around 30 minutes in length.

There is absolutely no acting whatsoever. The final productions are very much uncut. Sometimes the models nervousness shows quite a bit. Other times they act very silly. I suppose these qualities and character traits add a personal and even intimate dimension that further compounds the realism.

I was not very impressed with the speed in which they downloaded. Fortunately for viewers with slow connections, each video scene has a description of it so a viewer can read about what is going to happen before downloading anything.

There are no pictures on the site.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

The action at Broke Amateurs captures all the awkwardness of a first time sexual encounter with practical strangers. Some models are better than others at hiding their discomfort, although I am sure that more than a few models experience none at all.

Generally, one person -- a male -- holds the camera and films the woman or women in such a way that allows the viewer to have a first person point of view. Sometimes there is more than one man. I know that in one particular episode a woman has a gangbang with five guys.

As mentioned in Tech Talk, the movies are extremely amateur. This might discourage viewers who are used to pseudo-amateur websites. It will definitely dissuade viewers who like seeing professional pornstars or glamour pornography. There is nothing glamorous about Broke Amateurs. It is pure and uneditied sexual encounters. There is also nothing classy about anal cream pies. It is clear that the target audience is comprised of people who like seeing real sex. Well, these people are in for a big treat. My only complaint is that there is not enough girl-on-girl action.



PricePeriodRebillsAdditional Info
USD 29.99 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every periodRegional pricing may apply.
USD 59.95 3 months / 90 daysNON recurringRegional pricing may apply.
Payment Processors:
CC Bill.


Everything at Broke Amateurs coincides with its promise of 100% real sex. There is nothing professional or glamorous about the website, and I have a feeling that is just as the target audience prefers. Do be advised that some of the sets can be awkward to the point of hilarity or embarrassment for the models.

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