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I Feel Myself delivers exquisite erotica movies to the computer screens of viewers. The content demonstrates the arousing and beautiful power of the female orgasm. Content includes both solo masturbation and lesbian action. There are no pictures, but the inclusion of high-definition videos more than makes up for this deficiency. With over 4,300 scenes, more than regular updates and highly erotic and honest masturbation porn this is a unique site that is sure to satisfy those looking for amateur girls masturbating to real orgasms.

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Points/USD: 2.70

Entertainment: 31/35   Great erotica videos in a unique niche.
Technical content: 20/25   Very nice HD resolution and bit rates. Only for the newest videos though.
Usability: 9/15   Newest content easily accessible; older content frustrating to view.
Updates: 20/25   Daily.
Date: 2016-07-13
Written by: Graham Stroker

Amateur, 18-23, Lesbian, Softcore, High-definition, Videos

erotica, solo masturbation
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Concept and Introduction

I Feel Myself is an erotica website that focuses on the beauty of the female orgasm. The women come from a wide variety of backgrounds. There is plenty of lesbian material in addition to the plethora of solo masturbation sets. Some of the women doing solo performances use toys. The content is filmed both inside and outdoors. I Feel Myself offers exclusively movies.


Porn Talk

Most of the content is masturbation, ranging from quick sessions to long, sensual adventures. Specifically, the videos are broken down into several categories. Studio clips are filmed in the studio on a bed and generally focus on solo masturbation. Home Made clips are filmed by the girls themselves as they pleasure themselves at home, mostly in the bed or on the couch. Close Ups are films where the camera will periodically zoom in on the face, breasts, vagina, and buttocks; however, these are no where near the “pussy shots” of pornography as they are tastefully done thanks to the soft lighting, which keeps the footage from being sexually obscene.

Fantasy & Adventure movies are mostly shot outside or in other public locations. The Lucubrations clips incorporate interviews with the models into the usual material. Loose Ends appears to be the section where spill-over content is placed. It does involve a bit of lesbian material, including threesomes.


Tech Talk

The only pictures are thumbnails embedded into the website to illustrate what movies members will be viewing.

The videos can be streamed online in an integrated Flash Player. They usually run around ten minutes. The medium-quality WMV is 480x270px and runs at 1.12Mbit/s. The medium-quality M4V is 480x270px and runs at 927Kbit/s. It is designed for the iPod/iPhone and PSP.

The high-quality WMV is 854x480px and runs at 1.62Mbit/s. The high-quality MP4 is 854x480px and runs at 1.79Mbit/s. The HD MP4 is 1280x720px and runs at 5.16Mbit/s.

A huge majority of the content is available in the 1280p HD, with only the oldest videos being lower quality. I actually had a difficult time finding out how to download the oldest movies because the iconic links were not clearly labeled. Such movies are in WMV format. They have resolutions of 640x480px and run at 900Kbit/s.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

I was immediately smitten with the very first page. I absolutely love erotica, and the content here was simply exquisite, even from an unbiased standpoint. I like how the website does not treat these women like dirty whores, instead opting to treat them as women who want to show viewers the unrestrained beauty of female sexuality.

One of my favorite models was Lilie, an Australian woman with large brown eyes. I enjoyed her Bath Play. It was so hot to see her and another woman wash each other. As much as I enjoyed the content, I do not think an erotica site is complete without pictures. I was disappointed there. What I found mildly frustrating was the website design. The layout was somewhat confusing, and I had a difficult time downloading the old material. I would not normally complain about something that has been addressed, but the fact of the matter is that most of the current content was uploaded before the technological improvements.

There are thousands of scenes available on this site now. I feel myself has been around for quite a few years now and that in itself is a testament to the quality of the content on offer here. If you love erotic, honest masturbation porn featuring real girls your going to just love this site.



PricePeriodRebillsAdditional Info
USD 29.95 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every period
USD 69.95 3 months / 90 daysRebills after every period
USD 99.95 3 months / 90 daysNON recurring
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I Feel Myself contains delightfully tasteful erotic content. The concept is quite unique and offers an interesting insight into how women pleasure themselves when they are alone.

There is a ton of scenes on the site, and the newest ones come in HD quality with many download options - the older ones which still make up the majority of the content, are lower quality though.

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