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Our review of HardcoreSmoothies.com found it deliciously delivered the promised creamy frozen treats straight into the hungry assholes (and pussies) of busty babes. The content is captured with impressive high-definition. Though an excellent example of its type, this site is not for the squeamish; it's for adventurists and fetishists.

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Very Good

Points/USD: 2.65

Entertainment: 28/35   A refreshing concept carried out well.
Technical content: 22/25   1080p high-definition.
Usability: 10/15   Zipped images would further improve score.
Updates: 12/25   Once a week.
Date: 2010-11-15
Written by: Graham Stroker

Anal, Butts, Fetish, 18-23, Pornstar, High-definition, Videos, Mega-Sites

anal play, food fetish, Fucking Awesome network, smoothies, speculum
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Concept and Introduction

"Blend it, pour it in a hole, shake it, squirt it, DRINK it: that's how to make Hardcore Smoothies!" That explains the concept of the site better than I could. The women making the smoothies are fresh faced porn starlets and often busty. Can their assholes and pussies handle their favorite drinks?


Porn Talk

Videos are the main focus and typically run fewer than 15 minutes. They start with an interview. Immediately, you can tell if a woman is excited or nervous. Regardless, she sensually strips out of her clothes and shows off her body, making sure to bend over and stick her ass toward the cam.

The ingredients are put into a blender and mixed. This smoothie is poured via a plastic speculum into her asshole or pussy while the model talks dirty to you, the viewer. The smoothie is squirted from whatever orifice--with at least one queef or fart noise--into a cup. At that point, the model will choose to drink it or not. This is a rather hot and original concept. Hot just like the models.

There are photographs, too; usually around 125 of them. Check out the screen caps to see if your favorite video moment is frozen in time.


Tech Talk

There are multiple video formats. Flash movies can be streamed online. They are 640x360px and run at 2Mbps. Full-length high-definition WMVs are 1920x1088px and run at 7.18Mbps. Full-length medium-quality WMVs are 640x368px and run at 2.13Mbps. Full-length low-quality MPEGs are 360x203px and run at 1.12Mbps. Lastly, there are one-minute streaming Flash Player clips so that those of you with slow connections can experience the unique sweetness that is Hardcore Smoothies.

The sound balance is somewhat off. The camera guy can be heard clearly, but the models' voices aren't picked up so well. Granted, some of their voices are quiet because they are nervous, but a good portion of the problem does lie with the recording equipment's placement.

Photographs are 757x1136px. Screen captures are 800x450px. The only thing that isn't fucking awesome about the Fucking Awesome network is that they never seem to have zipped photos. Hardcore Smoothies is no exception.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

Hardcore Smoothies doesn't racially discriminate, nor does it care whether the girls are mainstream or alternative. The site only asks that the women "shake and not stir" the drinks in their pussies and assholes. Well, it also asks if they will drink it. Part of the Porn Factor is the anticipation as the video unfolds. Will she say no or will she drink it like it's the first thing she's consumed after being trapped for a week in the desert.

It's fun seeing the different approaches each woman has toward the concept. Some chug the smoothie like it was made in a blender. Some sip it with a sour face like a strong alcoholic beverage that's only being consumed for its intoxicating effect. Bailey Brooks starts the session with detectable vocal and physical nervousness, but by the end she's saying, "You dirty boys at home wish you were licking this."



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USD 1.00 2 daysRebills after every periodTrial. Renews at $35.95/mo if not canceled.
USD 27.95 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every period
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Hardcore Smoothies brings a rather unique concept to the pornographic world: Women have smoothies poured into their pussies and assholes, squirt them out into cups and drink them. The featured babes are starlets with big breasts. Some are nervous; some have a lot of fun. Video quality is superb.

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