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Amber Lynn Bach knows how to shine on camera. She can excellently manipulate cock and pussy--not just her own, either. She is a pretty woman, older and curvy, with big tits and blond hair. Viewers into voluptuous women will definitely be pleased. Membership also includes other websites, if you need more incentive.

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Above Average

Points/USD: 2.40

Entertainment: 28/35   Amber Lynn knows how to please.
Technical content: 15/25   Pics look great. Videos are a bit blurry.
Usability: 9/15   Some navigation is really primitive.
Updates: 7/25   New sets actually containing Amber Lynn are few and far between.
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Concept and Introduction

Amber At Home is the personal amateur porn website of Amber Lynn Bach. She is an older woman has maintained her sexual appeal with age. She possesses a voluptuous body. She has long blond hair, beautiful eyes, and her other stats are 32-26-34. Her bra size is 34DDD. More information can be found in her bio. She has sex with other women, sometimes more than one at a time, and other men, including her husband. She also does some solo play. The material occurs predominately indoors, although there are some nice outside scenes involving pools and whatnot.


Porn Talk

This website is ideal for viewers who find blond, voluptuous, older women attractive, unless, of course, amateur porn is not their cup of tea. Yet, even if amateur pornography does not sound appealing, Amber Lynn is great at what she does. She really knows how to work the camera. Her tongue works wonders on the vaginae of other women. She can handle a cock with her mouth, pussy, and massive breasts. She is also good at solo play when her friends are not around to come over for some fun. She does a superb job at sticking to the concept behind her website.

Amber Lynn is not a shy gal. She even offers forums for her users. And, for the more adventurous user, there are some instances of fetish, although these light examples will not satiate the desires of more die-hard fetish fans.


Tech Talk

The number of photographs in each set varies, although there are not nearly as many pictures per set as there are on professional porn websites. However, they are high quality with a resolution of 907x1355 for landscape variants. Portraits have their dimensions reversed. The overall photography is great.

The videos can be streamed directly on the website, either via Flash Player or through Windows Media Player. The movies can also be downloaded. They do not come in separate parts, but only as full-length movies. They have an average resolution of 640x360px and an average bit rate of 2.14Mbit/s. They are not of the highest quality, and they can be pretty short, but it's an amateur website - its appeal is primarily realism, not video quality.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

Amber At Home is a great website for viewers who want to see amateur pornography. There is a good deal of realism in the video shoots, although some of the things that happen in the videos are a bit extrapolated. Nothing wrong with that, though, as the website had to be a bit more interesting than real life, or Amber at Home would not get any business.

Amber Lynn is an attractive woman, with womanly shape and a voluptuous body. There is girl on girl action, sometimes with up to three women at a time; two girls on one guy; Amber Lynn with another man; or just her by herself.

The only complaints I have about the website are the technical aspects. Then again, I really should not expect an actual amateur website, (i.e. not just one thatpretends to be amateur) to have the budget required to have fancy shoots.



PricePeriodRebillsAdditional Info
USD 4.95 3 daysRebills after every periodSummer special. Recurs at montly rate.
USD 24.95 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every period
USD 75.00 3 months / 90 daysNON recurring
Payment Processors:
Nomad Media. Credit Card, Phone, Online Check, Mail


The star of Amber at Home, Amber Lynn Bach, can really satisfy a user. She is great at what she does, even though Amber At Home is an amateur website. She can please a man, a woman (sometimes women), and herself.

The photographs have nice quality. The videos do not have the greatest quality in the world, but the material offered by Amber at Home is amateur after all. I am sure Amber Lynn does not have the budget to have high definition movies. And if she does, would not that ruin the appeal of her amateur website?

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