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Exclusive ebony and Latina girls appear in a magazine style site that's been going for several years. It's packed with poses and strips, dancing girls and real amateurs showing off their fat asses and gloriously big boobs. Navigation takes a while to adjust to, updates are good though, and there's plenty to see for your sign-up. A mobile version of the site is also available, and for all collectors of softcore, ebony, Latina and BBW black babes, this site is something of a winner.

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Very Good

Points/USD: 3.01

Entertainment: 24/35  
Technical content: 17/25  
Usability: 10/15  
Updates: 22/25  
Date: 2017-08-16
Written by: Luke Preston

Butts, Ebony, Latina, Softcore

Ebony, Latina, Magazine, Photos, Softcore
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Concept and Introduction

Chocolate Models is a magazine site, and the magazine has been on the go since 2001. Coming at you from New York, it brings you ebony and Latina strippers, twerkers, exotic dances and amateur girls in softcore photos and videos. There is a good update schedule with new content every month, there's loads of content, information and plenty of hot black babes with huge asses and big boobs and they are presented in editions that span several years.


Porn Talk

We are looking at a softcore site here though you may find the occasional hardcore video clip or gallery. The site is set out as a magazine site which means you have content arranged in years, rather than in sets of all videos and all galleries, but what you do have are hundreds of black and Latina babes and big busty women. There's plenty of fat ass on show too as the girls pose in lingerie, as they dance, as they twerk and show off everything they have got, and often that's a lot.

Chocolate Models will appeal to everyone who wants to see women, and women only. It's not a hardcore site. The girls are amateurs and professional models mixed in, some are professional entertainers, and they all tend to be on the large side. So, if your collection of phat-ass girls is on the wane and you want to add to it, then you're going to like this site. You and download as many galleries as you want, there are VOD videos, and your recurring membership lets you into one of them, and there are years' worth of magazines where each girl poses and strips.


Tech Talk

When I was checking the site out just now the numbers were good. There were over 1,160 videos, and there are two ways to view them. If you can get the Mp4 files to run in your browser, you can stream them that way; if not you head to a Tube site and stream them there in Flash, older ones are at 640 x 480, and the quality is not so great. But newer ones come with a 1,920 x 1,080 HD download and with a smaller one for mobiles, in Mp4. The quality there is fine, but as there is also a lot of older, pre-HD content here, there are a lot of lower quality movies. Nothing horrible though.

Galleries are set out in simple thumbnail pages, and there were 865 + of these with around 40 pics each, though numbers will vary. Images were at 1,600 x 1,200, but again, older ones may be smaller and lower quality. Zip files are available for full sets.

When it comes to navigation, I found it a bit of a pain, but you do get used to it. Everything is set out year by year, and you click a year to open a new tab where you can then select videos or photos. Videos in the tube site will open in another new tab, and you can end up with quite a few tabs open. But just close them when done, and you'll find your home page again. I also got confused with all the info about the VOD site and how you have a free channel (the tour says four, the sign-up page mentions one) and where you might have to, later, pay extra to view the videos. Navigation could be improved, and I get the impression that the site is so big now, it would be a huge job to revamp it. They are redesigning the VOD area, I think, and more content is being added, but what you have included in your membership…well, I'm still not sure.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

My personal opinion if the site, and it is only my opinion, is that it's difficult to use. Maybe I am just used to finding all pics and all vids together in one place, and this site sets them out by year. Theta's a magazine style thing, and you will find your content. I was also unsure as to exactly how the VOD thing worked. I found videos there but how many can I see before I pay? With lots of new tabs open, your screen can get very cluttered.

There are two memberships to consider. One is the standard desktop version as described above and the other is a mobile version. You'll see the details on the join page. In fact, there are details about all kinds of things on the site so settle in for a good read. Also settle in for a good and up to date blog with more photos, and a comments area that you can use if you are a regular member.



PricePeriodRebillsAdditional Info
USD 24.95 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every periodDesktop for 28 days
USD 29.95 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every periodIncludes on free VOD channel
USD 24.95 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every periodMobile version, Android and iPad/iPhone
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I came away from Chocolate Models with my head spinning, for two reasons. One, the amount of content is very good, the quality is… okay, though older content quality is lower, there's lots of horny black and Latina babes in softcore pics and videos, and you get what's on the tour. But my head was also spinning because of the look and navigation of the site, there's almost too much info about what's included and how you get to it. Get past that though, and you're got a good supply of softcore, ebony models in exclusive videos and images.

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