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For authentic nude and semi-nude celebrity clips and pictures, there's no site like Mr Skin. All of their content is sourced from mainstream Hollywood movies and TV shows, nothing is faked. They literally 'fast-forward to the good parts' so you don't have to! With over 20,000 actresses in their database, 500 hours of footage, daily updates, plus playlists, biographies and movie reviews they are a fantastic pick for those obsessed with celebrities and Hollywood in general.

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Points/USD: 4.15

Entertainment: 31/35   Great collection of real celebs nude or almost nude from blockbusters, films and tv shows.
Technical content: 20/25   HD for some of the more recent stuff (when available).
Usability: 13/15   Excellent site with a lot of features, browsing tools, and easy to use interface.
Updates: 17/25   Daily.
Date: 2013-09-20
Written by: Jerry Fritz

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Concept and Introduction

Made even more famous by its cameo in the Hollywood film Knocked Up, Mr Skin is the premier site for all of your favorite, sexy and nude celebs. In this massive collection of videos, pictures and gossip they've been 'fast-forwarding to the good parts since 1999!'


Porn Talk

We're not really talking porn at Mr Skin. At least not in the sense we usually mean with the other sites we review. Mr Skin doesn't produce content, but instead literally 'fast-fowards to the good parts' of TV shows, Hollywood movies, and independent films. By good parts we of course mean nude parts, sex parts, or at least nipple flashes or side boobage from a shower scene...

Yes, Mr Skin operates with its own vocabulary at times: side boobs, nip-slips, crotch-shots? Those are real things and they are even tags by which you can sort through the thousands of clips and pictures. They don't fake anything, though. They don't cheat either, by including skin flicks from late night cable as a way to sex up the collection. Instead they do the hard work of finding real sexy moments in mainstream cinema and film releases, and they do find all of them.

Their index is massive with over 20,000 actresses featured from all over the world, from A list to C list talent, and if they have any sexy moments from any movies they've been involved in at any point in their career, you can bet the guys at Mr Skin have zeroed in on it, made a clip, and uploaded it to the website!


Tech Talk

For a while Mr Skin has offered HD clips where it can (movies or shows produced in HD). These you can download in 1280x720 screen resolutions (3 mbits) that look great. Most of the clips aren't high definition, though; those you can open in 640x360 screen resolutions and streams. Most clips are very short, a few seconds at most.

The pictures you'll find are almost always screen captures from the movies - stills of the nude moments frozen on screen. Sometimes you find real photographs though, from premiers or awards shows or other venues. Images open to 1000x600 pixels or smaller, and the image sets are pretty small for each gallery.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

Mr Skin is really quite a sophisticated website. It doesn't just lump together videos and pictures, it curates the experience and provides a lot of other entertainment. They run a blog, put together Playlists, write up good reviews for movies new and old, and have pretty comprehensive biographies penned for the actresses featured.

The playlists are one of my favorite features. The editors go through and find the 10 best suntan lotion moments, or the 10 best shower scenes, or the ten best top less cheerleaders, or some other theme. They have some creative ones and it's a fun way to discover new sexy clips and actresses.

The site itself is also very well put together. They've invested heavily in making it a clean, easy to use collection. You'll be able to filter results, browse by tags or multiple tags layered together, and many other options. When you look up an actress they very neatly list the different clips, pictures, playlists, and movies they have appeared in.

All of these browsing features are really helpful, because the site has over 500 hours of footage to enjoy from their thousands of famous stars! New material is added daily.



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Mr Skin is probably the most complete collection of celebrity nudes and semi-nudes on the planet. They don't work with the paparazzi or look for sex tapes, instead they look for the hottest moments in the mainstream releases the actresses have starred in during their careers and give you them in easy to digest clips and pictures. With hundreds of hours of footage and more than twenty thousand actresses in their database it's a fantastic pick for fans of celebs.

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