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The hardcore action is intense and raunchy. Classiness is a million miles away from this gutter. Viewers that love down and dirty hardcore material should be well pleased. They just have to be willing to put up with poor technical quality, rare updates and the occasional cellulite-covered buttocks.

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Points/USD: 1.31

Entertainment: 24/35   A little airbrushing would help some models.
Technical content: 5/25   Low resolution videos; many boring pictures.
Usability: 4/15   Hard to navigate the sloppy layout.
Updates: 5/25   Updates not consistent.
Date: 2009-08-18
Written by: Graham Stroker

Ebony, Interracial, Amateur, Blowjob, Hardcore, 18-23, Videos, Mega-Sites

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Concept and Introduction

The content is amateur hardcore featuring black women. The scenarios are filmed indoors at a place in San Diego. Sometimes there are shower scenes. Toy usage is not uncommon. There are plenty of cum shots, including facials and tit shots, for viewers to enjoy.


Porn Talk

I Love Black Girls definitely sticks to its promise. There are plenty of black, amateur women engaging in hardcore action with the website creator. The women are definitely in shape more often than not. They are thick, of course. I personally find thick builds to be attractive. There are times, though, when the models definitely have some extra baggage. I even saw a few saggy asses and thighs covered with cellulite. That certainly is a turn off to most viewers. Yes, the content is amateur; however, the material should be as flattering to the women as possible. A simple airbrush tool will solve such problems. Other than that, the material is arousing for people into ebony women and hardcore. There is some toy play, but that is not the main focus of the website. Donít buy a membership for this site if you just like to see solo girls.


Tech Talk

There are fewer than 100 photographs in each set. They are 664x1000px. Some of them are very boring. One particular set has several pictures of a modelís knees. Other times there are about ten pictures of a model giving a blowjob taken from the same angle. This uninteresting maneuver is not conducive to viewer arousal.

Before creating a membership account, viewers can stream or download a free movie from the preview page. These videos have a resolution of 320x240px and run at 368Kbit/s. They are roughly one minute in length.

Full movies are divided into clips dependant on their total runtime. I encountered movies that were broken down into four or six clips. The length of each clip varied between two and five minutes. The clips are 480x360px and run at 830Kbit/s. Full-length, low resolution movies are a paltry 240x180px with a terrible bit rate of 181Kbit/s. The high format has a resolution of 480x360px and runs at 1.19Mbit/s. Though a marginal improvement, it is nowhere near what I would call high quality. Simply too poor - and needs to be redone.


Small Talk and Personal Opinion

I find that the website does an excellent job delivering raunchy, heterosexual hardcore and toy play to viewers. However, I think the technical quality could and should be improved. The videos are very great quality. The pictures are only decent. The website layout is poorly organized and confusing to navigate. There are a lot of misleading links. It is like network wants its websites to look filthy. Perhaps this is so the atmosphere matches the content. I do not know. I just know that looking at blurry videos and boring pictures is not arousing.

It is too bad because the models are definitely willing to please the site creator, which in turn arouses viewers. A lot of the women are attractive, but as I mentioned earlier, I think that the photographer should just touch up at least the unsightly cellulite. It does not flatter the model. I think this would be okay even though the website is amateur.



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USD 4.95 3 daysRebills after every periodTrial. Recurs at $39.73 monthly
USD 29.73 1 month / 30 daysRebills after every periodRecurs at $39.73 monthly
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I Love Black Girls is a good place to see black women getting crazy with either the website creator or their dildos. The models know how to please viewers. Many of them seem like they are actually enjoying their time. The downside to this website is the poor technical quality of the videos. The website design is also lacking. On top of that, updates seem very sparse.

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